Letters to My Kids

On Pirates and Scrabble

I’d like to formally announce to all of you that I am now officially in the “know” as far as Pirates of the Caribbean goes.  So I’ve watched this trilogy of movies more times than I can count and have always loved them.  However, the only problem here is a strange paradox–how one can love a movie and not follow it in the least.  It’s true.  If you were to ask me what these movies were about, I couldn’t tell you.  Kevin is just baffled at how this is possible (not so much the “not understanding” part as the “not following and still loving” part.)  Anyways, I just spent the last couple hours fully engaged in the second movie of the series and GRASPING every last aspect of it.  Well done, I say.

Another proud moment in my life as of recently refers to my husband’s blog.  In his most recent post he comments on how he’s not nearly as entertaining and funny at blogging as I am.  At reading this, I burst out with an exaggerated “YESSSSS!”  (hands thrown up in the air and all.)  I’m not gonna lie, he keeps me laughing my face off every day, but I’m so happy to know he thinks I’m funny in my blog!  =D
Friday was fun.  Britt stopped by on her way through to Canada (I LOVE our housing location…what benefits!)  and we drove to the nearest David’s Bridal for my turn at trying on bridesmaid dresses.  I’m so thrilled at the opportunity to be in my first ever wedding…as a participant that is, and not the bride. ;-)  I have the honor of being her Matron of Honor and I’m way enthused!  We found and purchased the dress, did some shopping at Target (pronounced “tar-chay”), and split a lunch in their very high class cafeteria.  
Besides putting up a solid competition in a full game of Scrabble with my love (quite a feat, if I don’t say so myself), we’ve been enjoying a relaxing, “do nothing” Saturday, complete with a bike ride to the Eastern Market.  This is the life.  
PS.  In case you’re interested, I have entitled this photo:  “Because I refuse to pay $1.00 to dry our laundry”

2 thoughts on “On Pirates and Scrabble

  1. As your husband, I’m going to call you out on sitting there and thinking for a full minute on how to write out “tar-chey.” There’s no way that you came up with that in less than a minute. =D Love you

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