Letters to My Kids

The One with all the Roller Coasters

Sunday turned out to be the most perfect weather for a day at Cedar Point! Not too hot, not too cold. The only problem was everyone else must have had the same thought…because all the lines were super long. Even the coasters that are way way old (like Gemini and Magnum) had 30 minute waits. Ash, Kevin, and I hit Power Tower first thing and waited in NO line. It was the perfect start to the day. We thought we’d do some more small coasters and work our way up, but somehow we all (minus mom) ended up in an hour and a half long line for Top Thrill Dragster. As we within 15 or 20 minutes from boarding, the ride broke. Yeah. what a bummer. We thought we’d wait to hear how long it would be till they fixed it, but it was getting ridiculous and annoying so we moved on. Sad day. We never got to ride Dragster or Millennium Force (the best coaster EVER). We just ran out of time. :( But we still had a great time! Mom got sick after we sort of tricked her into going on the Wicked Twister. Kevin and I love riding in the front row…especially on a ride like that. What a rush! Oh, and dad, Ash, and Kevin talked me into MaxAir which looked a little too spinny for me…but I LOVED it. I screamed the whole time (just like I always do) and Ash said she was never sitting by me again. Ha, ha! I had my mouth open so much…that I started drooling…gross. (and embarrassing yet hear I am telling you!)
We had a delicious lunch courtesy of my dad’s company…complete with ice cream cups!

After waiting an hour and 15 minutes for the Mantis, Dad, Kevin and I had a fun final ride just as the rain started. (I got pelted in the face…cause we were once again in row one!) After that, we were all kinda worn out (and decided unanimously that mid-week is the only time we will ever go to Cedar Point.) But since we hadn’t paid for the tickets we didn’t feel bad about leaving a little sooner than normal.

Over all it was a great day! Fun times with my family…and the first time all 5 of us have ever hung out together in the last four years (minus a meal or two.) It was a blessing! Enjoy the pictures!


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