Letters to My Kids

The One with the Tuna Melt

Sorry I haven’t been the faithful blogger I have led you all to believe that I am. It’s been what I call an exciting, freaky, crazy, unpredictable, and yet perfectly ordained God thing. Once again, I would love to share some details but until all loose ends are tied up, I’ll be keeping you in suspense.

My life in a nutshell:

  • had an amazing time hanging out with the guys and then with Britt and the Pollaks and the Newtons on the weekend! It was so good!
  • had a great NY steak, fresh corn on the cob, cantaloupe dinner with Kevin’s dinner (and then were sent to the pantry to do “grocery shopping”!!)
  • love “Pete’s Garage”–sweet sports bar type restaurant with actual cars for booths and amazing food–will definitely be back there.
  • had some sweet time with Kevin as he was off all day yesterday.
  • have seen continual divine provision (endless “bread and fish”…)
  • got my haircut…some cute layers…but nothing too dramatic…loving my length!
  • had a sweet tuna melt sandwich today for lunch.
  • ready to watch Gilmore girls!

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