Letters to My Kids

The One that Makes You Go "Eeeww"

Remember that rumbling in my tummy? I frew up last night. At 2:30 am. Not fun. At all. Felt much better this morning.

How cool is it that your parents are buying their long-desired Amish-made bedroom set? Why is this so cool? Because you and your husband will soon have your mirrored dresser’s match along with a headboard and footboard and maybe a beside table. We’ll have a real bedroom one day. :)

Brownies are always delicious. But especially yummy when hot out the oven with Reese’s cups broken up inside for added gooey-ness.

It’s pretty awesome when you can ride your bike for less then 5 minutes to get downtown for the Labor Day parade. Which was mildly disappointing. Lots and lots and lots of unions marching past. A couple good bands. A firetruck. meh. Obama was in the plaza at 11 and I wanted to see a real live politician (since I don’t believe they’re flesh and blood. jk). But there were a crazy ton of hot and sweaty people and it just wasn’t appealing anymore.

We saw Jim Leeland sitting out front of Tiger’s Stadium watching the parade. just chillin.

I can Not believe my parents are officially “empty nesters.” My little sister is all grown up with her own apartment. Job searching. Starting cosmetology school tomorrow. Sweet craziness.

Sometimes you just need to listen to the Newsboys. ya know?


One thought on “The One that Makes You Go "Eeeww"

  1. Oooh…Reeses cup brownies. Yumminess in convenient bite-size form!!!Hot, sweaty people. Gotta love ’em. :-)Are you ill, or do you think your throwing-up had to do with something you ate?

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