Letters to My Kids

The One with the Stuffy Nose

Allow me to describe the wonderful last couple of days.  Friday evening I picked up my husband from Wayne and we were off for Somerset.  We were dreading the typical I94 rush hour stop-and-go traffic, but suprisingly we only had a short stretch of slowed driving.  In addition to that, it wasn’t too hot at all.  This fact may not seem too pertinent, but I can hardly stand being in our a.c.-free car when it’s hot outside (because that means it’s twice as hot IN the car.)  Anyways…we arrived at the family campsite at 7:30 and were thankful we didn’t have to set up a tent in the dark.  There was already a wonderful campfire burning and we joined in the good conversation with Mom, Dad, Brian, Grandma, and Grandpa.  After a good night’s rest in the cozy camper, Kevin and I headed out for our morning hike around the lake.  The dew was heavy and the fog had yet to lift, but that just added to the intrigue of the walk.  Mom had to work all day (bummer…) and Brian and Dad were at a band thing in the morning, so before everyone returned Kevin showered and I opted to try my legs at a short jog.  I have all but given up on running (and not felt guilty about it), but had the desire to get out there once again.  It was surprisingly enjoyable (it probably helped that I didn’t feel like I HAD to do it…I actually WANTED to.)
Uncle Larry, Aunt Ruth, and David joined the party around 10:30 and I hung out with the boys for a bit of frisbee.  The rest of the afternoon was slow and relaxing and just plain good.  When the 5:00 hour was drawing near, I hopped in the car with Kevin, Mom, Dad, and Brian and we drove to In Good Company for our “birthday” dinners with Gpa and Gma Eccles and Uncle Ken.  The fellowship was truly enjoyable…and the food…ahhhh…the food.  I ordered a Yankee Pot Roast sandwich that tasted a thousand times better than the name led me to believe.  (It was seriously fabulous!)  Topping off the meal with the Turtle Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae (splitting it with Kevin) was perfection.  That evening, we went on the night hay ride and had a wonderful time bouncing through the trails and gazing up at the starlit sky.   
Sunday morning, Kevin and I drove away from the grounds at 8:15 to arrive at Monroe FMC on time for Sunday school.  We had another great morning of Christian worship and fellowship and were officially welcomed into membership there.  Our excitement was matched by the congregation’s. :)  After a long lunch at Panera (where I ate the other half of my leftover sandwich!), we headed back to the church to carpool the teens to a Corn Maze.  There was quite a great turnout of kids and at the end of the corn adventure, Pastor Dale handed the baton over to me.  Kevin and I loved formally introducing ourselves to the teens, and they seemed genuinely excited to have us taking over.  Kevin and I and the youth alike are all looking forward to the youth room that will be found in our parsonage basement when we move.  (Speaking of which, could you be praying that the current renters move out quickly and peaceably…)  
Sunday night the sinus congestion hit me.  I’ve been taking some powerful meds to help, but my head is still quite packed and pounding in pain.  In the afternoon on Monday I got myself ready to meet with the conference superintendent to solidify the decision to make me youth pastor of a conference church.  I learned much about the ministerial candidacy process as well as the meetings and resources and events that are set up for conference pastors.  I can hardly wait to get involved.  (I must admit I feel a bit intimidated and out of my league…but I know there is where God has me…)  The remainder of our “interview” was spent in good conversation–the Superintendent getting to know me better and offering me great bits of marital advice. :)  It was really wonderful, actually.  
When I walked up the stairs to the apartment at 7:15 with Kevin there to great me, I felt like I was the one coming home from work.   It was kind of a fun sensation. :)  
Well as a classic movie once stated, “That’ll do, pig, that’ll do.”

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