Letters to My Kids

The One with the Scrubbing

On Tuesday I was in Spring Arbor for the monthly conference pastors’ gathering and as always I met new faces.  One of them, a fellow youth pastor no less, said, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Pam Beasley?”  I was a bit taken aback and smiled my reply, “No.”  I don’t know.  Watch The Office and you be the judge.  
I baked chocolate chip cookies as a thank you to a wonderful older couple at church.  Today the husband said, “Those cookies were fantastic!  Really wonderful!  The only bad part is you always have to have another one.”  I was proud. 
This morning was church cleaning day.  Boy, you don’t realize how dirty things are until you start scrubbing them.  I was in charge of washing down the fellowship hall table and chairs, cleaning out the currently-empty-soon-to-be-filled baptismal tub, and cleaning the kitchen.  (Man alive…it must be some secret church creed to put plates back in the “papertowel”-labeled cupboard and the papertowels in the “salt and pepper” labeled space.  Rinse and repeat.)  After I was done with my kitchen cupboard organizing and counter scouring and floor sweeping and et cetera one of the ladies walked in and exclaimed, “WOW!  This kitchen looks great!”  Again I was proud.  “Thanks,” I said, “I love organizing.”  
I do not, however, love mopping kitchen floors on my hands and knees.  That unfortnate task awaits me in my own kitchen.  

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