Letters to My Kids

The One Where I’m Thawing

This post is for you, Grams. :)
It’s cold outside.  It deserves to snow around here.  Alot. I WANT A WHITE CHRISTMAS.  I cannot handle not living in the snowbelt.  *sigh*   Oh well.  We’re supposed to get 2-4 inches tonight.  But will it last?  Probably not.  But I hope so.  
Tomorrow night is the church Open House we are hosting at the parsonage along with the Kaufmans.  I’m assuming there will be lots of people and I know there will be lots of amazing food.  Between Pam & I we’re serving teriaki meatballs, Velveeta salsa dip & chips, cheese & crackers, crab dip & crackers, lots of my homemade cookies, pumpkin & zucchini loaves, quiches, mini cheesecakes, punch, coffee, hot cocoa, etc.  We shall see how Melanie does with working all day then scurrying around to prepare for the crowds arriving from 6-8:30. :)
Also, I’m obessed with the Food Network.  Just thought I would put that out there.

2 thoughts on “The One Where I’m Thawing

  1. I, too, am dreaming of a white Christmas. The sad thing is, here in the South we’re not even likely to see a single snowflake this time of year. It makes me so sad!Oh, and I also love the Food Network :) Especially Iron Chef America. So addictive!

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