Letters to My Kids

The One with Red & Green

Our first Christmas together was splendid! :)  After starting a new tradition Christmas Eve (Kevin whipping up a homemade alfredo), we went over to the church for the candle lighting/song singing/Jesus’ birthday cake eating  service.  Despite the fact that I ended up playing piano for the entire service having no prior warning, it was a lovely time of fellowship.  Kevin & I ventured home at its completion and opened our stocking stuffers.  We both received glowing results of our shopping.  
The next morning was Christmas!!  We woke up bright and early–our usual 6:00am and we both quite ready for the celebration.  (We had both awakened at 1am when Kevin wished me a Merry Christmas–3 hours after having gone to bed–and he tells me he attempted to sleep restlessly all night so that I might wake up and we could open presents!  *grin*)  Kevin loved all of his gifts from me–especially the extra soft & comfy robe and slippers and his new movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  I will be in love with my gift from him for the next 70 years.  I have a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings that will be worn daily from now and until forever!!  (I love you, Darling!  Thank you!)  After having plenty of time for exercise, showers, and a scrumptious pancake & eggs breakfast, we pulled out of the driveway for Ashtabula.  

We had a nice drive (except for the 45 minutes of freaked out drivers due to the snow) and made it to my parents’ house by 2:30pm.  With Mom, Dad, Ash, Grandma Marr, Kevin & I present we opened the many wonderful gifts & then enjoyed a delicious ham & turkey dinner once Grandma Mary joined us.  It was great.  
Friday we had dinner with my childhood friends Elizabeth & DeeDee and their men (husband, Matt and fiance, Ryan).  Elizabeth is still recovering from her c-section on Tuesday when she gave birth to their firstborn son–Owen Matthew.  He’s absolutely perfect!  We had a wonderful time cuddling the baby and visiting with good friends.
Saturday we spent most of the day with my mom’s side of the family–her 4 siblings and almost all of my cousins.  There was more than enough good food, lots of laughs, and a great time for becoming reacquainted after months apart!
Enjoy the pictures!

Christmas Day:::

The New Proud Parents:::
Matt, Elizabeth, Owen, Ryan, DeeDee, Melanie & Kevin
We loved that baby!

Ash, Dad, Mom, Aunt Barb, Uncle Scott, & Kalie

Grandma Marr surrounded by her four kids


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