Letters to My Kids

The One with the Comfy

It’s been a while.  I feel a little guilty.  But I haven’t had much to say.  No…scratch that…I just haven’t felt like writing. 
Today was sweatpants day.  And headache day.  But what day isn’t headache day?  
I baked a white cake from scratch.  The recipient tells me it was delicious.
Our evenings have been quite enjoyable.  Much less tv.  More reading together.  More ping pong.  More dinner conversation.  Nice.  We still get the chance for our favorite shows but we’re making a conscious effort to find other activities to fill our precious time together.
Pizza Hut lunch buffet yesterday was good.  The restaurant could use some work.  The pizza was up to par, however.  And coupons are just the cherry on top.
Speaking cherries, I think I’m going to go have myself a glass of Cherry 7Up.  For old times sake.

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