Letters to My Kids

The One while waiting for the new What Not to Wear

A wonderful Friday has been had.  Warm leftover homemade potato soup for lunch.  Reading and studying and quieting was perfect.  Decided on calzones for dinner.  Made by hand.  Surprised husband.  Excitement and smiles abounded.  Quality time together cherished.  Time to relax.  Time to plan for tomorrow.  Tomorrow includes an IKEA shopping spree.  With 39 other SOMI women.  Also, these sweet memories brought to me by him


6 thoughts on “The One while waiting for the new What Not to Wear

  1. AHHHHH!! The nasty scented markers that never quite smelled like what they are suppose to – I loved those! And I had those skates too! Apparently they were very popular!

  2. Elizabeth! That’s exactly what I said about the scented markers. I told Kevin, “But they always smelled pretty nasty. Especially the purple one. Oh, and I’m not sure I even had those markers. But Elizabeth did. And sometimes I confuse what she had with what I had.” =D

  3. That is hilarious you have those skates on there, because I showed Jake some homevideos this weekend, and in one video i was wearing a dress and playing road hockey wearing those exact skates.. hahah..

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