Letters to My Kids

The One While Eating Blackberry Yogurt

So I just got back from 3 hours at the church working to set up for the rummage sale going on Friday and Saturday.  Wow there was a lot of stuff.  I worked mainly on the clothes–there were bags upon bags upon bags of clothes–and though they are definitely not organized how they should be (aka “how I would arrange them”), they should still sell.  I found a couple items for me and one for Kevin which is sweet and I was bummed that this gorgeous navy winter dress coat was too short in the sleeves.  I picked up a few other random things such as 2 mini pie plates, a large vase, a Necco tin (reminded of my grandpa Nick), a beautiful “bubble” glass bowl, and extra spoons (we’re always running out it seems).  In addition to bringing over a couple bags of clothes, I baked 3 dozen peanut butter, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle cookies to sell.  I displayed them quite beautifully (it’s all in the presentation, right?) and even included my information in case anyone is so impressed they must order more! :D  
Now I’m trying to figure out what in the world I’m going to eat.  Yes, it’s true that I have trouble making decisions, but that indecisiveness is not why I don’t know what to eat.  You see, this morning I received a call from my doctor’s receptionist saying that Dr. Kabir wants to see me in 3 to 5 days and has directed me to obstain from bread (gluten) products until the appointment.  *sigh*  My blood work has shown the anti-gliadan antibody which is a potential warning sign that I may, in fact, have Celiac Disease.  Though false positives are possible, my guess is that they doctor is going to order a scope and a small intestine biopsy–the only fail-proof means of diagnosing the disease.  Saturday morning we shall see.  For now I will dig through the layers and layers of gluten in our cupboards to find something less appealing to fill my stomach.  

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