Letters to My Kids

The One with the Peppers (Not of the Red Hot Chili Variety)

Here I sit in the office with Kevin & Mom, browsing my typical blogs, drinking coffee made by my husband, and watching Biggest Loser.  Mom and I had a nice relaxing conversation filled morning and hit the road around noon for a bit of shopping spree.  I love shopping with her better than almost anyone else because it’s just most comfortable.  I don’t feel like I’m holding her up or she’s holding me up.  We look for the same deals, scour the same racks, give good advice.  On top of the 50-90% off sales, we received and additional 30% with mom’s coupon.  I left with a glorious pair of pinstripe black slacks for $6.50 (down from ~$49), a sweater/blouse combo for $6.50, two long sleeved shirts for $2, and the comfy-est pair of Sketcher’s shoes in the world for $13 (down from $60).  I also helped mom make a few terrific purchases for herself and the home.  
We hit a late light lunch at Johnny Rocket’s–a great 50s style diner that I’d been wanting to visit.  On our drive home I remembered I wanted to show her Monroe’s Crafts 2000–a craft store similar to a large JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s with a minimum of 40% most products.  We had a blast hitting every aisle in this enormous store and at least getting a glance at their endless products.  
Once all three of us were home again, I threw together a great dinner of stuffed green peppers that turned out fantastically.  Now for more relaxing…

5 thoughts on “The One with the Peppers (Not of the Red Hot Chili Variety)

  1. I LOVE the Biggest Loser! Can you believe how cocky the black team was on last night’s episode, and how they ate all that crap?! I’m mad that they won the weigh-in.

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