Letters to My Kids

The One with the Home Confusion

Mom and I decided Monday that I would be venturing “home” for a few days this week.  (I think I’ll always refer to my parent’s house as “home” even though I have my own now.)  I hadn’t visited since Christmas and hadn’t seen Dad since then either, so it was definitely necessary.  Oh, and mom wanted extra help with some spring cleaning because she’s been whipped from all her working hours.  It’s been nice.  Kevin dropped me off to my mom in Sandusky and we arrived at home just after dad had arrived from his 4 day Canadian ski trip.  He had no idea I was visiting; mom kept a good surprise.  He was definitely excited and super suprised to see me!  We joined the rest of the “ski trip” guys at the Crow’s Next for AUCE (all you can eat) pasta which turned into a yummy grilled chicken salad for me. :)  
It’s been a nice visit for sure.  I had a terrific run this morning; I definitely miss the suburban-ish roads for this type of activity.  I had a comfy bed (which was completely lonely without my favorite person beside me…wishing all the while that his snuggle-obsessed wife would give him just a little bit of breathing room).  I made chocolate chip cookies for mom & dad; they were stoked.  I’ve eaten a lot of jelly beans.  Mom and I ran a bunch of errands this afternoon, including closing my savings account (three cheers for money I had completely forgotten about), returning a wedding gift (10 months later…), and picking out a new food processor as “payment” for my help with de-dusting those sadly ignored areas of the home (oh come on…we all have them! I figure if I don’t regularly interact with that object or surface then it doesn’t deserve such loving attention.  But that’s just me.)  Tomorrow I’m looking forward to visiting one of my favorite friends and her amazing little 3 month old boy.  :)
It’s time for…oh, I don’t know…something.

4 thoughts on “The One with the Home Confusion

  1. I’m soo excited that you got to go “home”. It is a wonderful place and even I have lots of memories there!!! Keep me posted on your life! I miss you!!

  2. annnndddd… my trip to detroit was completely boring and uneventful other than I stopped in A-squared for a Cinnibon on the way home…. yummy for me… GROSS for you!! We will have to try to arrange to meet again sometime soon!! Maybe just maybe we could attempt to plan a trip to A-squared for a trip to Nicks favourite restaurant?

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