Letters to My Kids

The One with a Trip

I’m waiting to meet the youth group at the church to leave for our one night conference in Chicago.  Dare2Share I’m nervous.  I’ve never been in charge on the entire trip before.  I’m worrying about getting lost or missing Kevin or…I don’t even know what.  But I’m nervous.  My stomach is full of bird sized butterflies that are making me want to throw up.  Or cry.  And I’m kinda TO-ed about not getting to work out this morning.  or tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping I can utilize our sweet hotel’s treadmill tonight, but I might be too exhausted.  *sigh*  I hate not getting to work out.  Now, I know this is gonna be a sweet weekend.  I’m just a bit of a freak sometimes and I forgot WHO is really in charge.  He will give me peace and wisdom if I allow him.  Thank you, Jesus.  
And please keep us in your prayers…for safety, fun, unity, and spiritual challenge & growth.  

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