Letters to My Kids

The One with the Teens

::Chicago Skyline::


::in the hotel. Katie.Megan.Shelby.Mel::

::yes. we are your leaders. frightened?::

::friday night. one half of our group. Chris.Megan.Katie.Mel::

::second half of the row. Dale.Shelby.Olivia.Travis.Devon::


::Sears Centre. Dare2Share. Invincible::

::door2door. salvation army can collecting::

Boy! That was certainly a fast-paced, stress-filled, exciting, challenging, fun, exhausting, powerful trip.  The troops (7 youth, Pastor Dale, and myself) rolled out of the parking lot nearly on time on Friday morning–vehicles stuffed with luggage and lots of food sent by the ladies of the church.  mmm.  The drive was very long.  I was unfamiliar with the huge conversion van and its stiff breaks.  Tolls were ridiculous.  Over $20 one way!  Insane.  
Then, there was Chicago driving.  I am NOT a fan.  Especially since my only form of navigation was one of our teens attempting to read the printed directions to me and I was trying to keep tabs on the other vehicle, and (like I said) the van was no good for my driving taste.  (Though it was completely comfortable and roomy.)  Needless to say, I arrived at the hotel with quite the headache.  We hadn’t figured in the hour we would gain the time change so we ended up with over 2 hours of “free time” to regroup and relax before the conference.  
The amazing Hyatt Place hotel (which I booked for $39 a night on hotwire.com) had gorgeous rooms and a great set of treadmills in their fitness center which I’m so glad I got to put to use.  Two of the teens and I headed to workout for a bit before dinner.  It was a great stress reliever and completely rejuvinated me.  We ended up running a little late from dinner to the Sears Centre, but we ended up with 7th row floor seats…amazing!  I may or may not come back to this subject later, but just know that all of us were challenged to live out the Great Commission while using our Armor to combat the spiritual enemies.  I’m praying that I will hear God’s calling clearly during these weeks following the conference.  May it not be a “mountain top” adventure but the beginning of changing lives.  
Also, I discovered that I cannot fully function when separated from Kevin.  I am at my best when I am working with him.  In driving, in leading, in planning and more we are two halves to the whole.  I’m not even exaggerating.  I was trying to express these feelings to him and he said, “Wait, so it’s like we’re married or something?!”  :)  Every other minute of the trip, I found myself wanting to turn to him and tell him my thoughts or share an inside joke or have him completely understand the expression on my face.  Next year, I’m making sure he’s coming with me.  

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