Letters to My Kids

The One with the Burn

I just ordered Jillian Michael’s workout dvd the other day, and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had the whole evening free, so even though I had already worked out that morning, I decided to give it a go.  Man oh man!  She kicked my butt…in the best way possible!  I was able to keep up with the moves which I was pretty proud of, but I certainly got a great workout (=sweating, lack of oxygen, feel the burning the next day).  I really loved this dvd because it gives you a total body toning workout while still getting in a fully 40 minutes of intense cardio.  Oh, and typically I find myself annoyed that I can’t breath and the instructors look as happy as if they were standing still chatting with one another.  But with this, I was happy to see that the two gorgeous “examples” and Jillian herself were working up a pretty good sweat as well.  
I woke up this morning quite sore, but managed to plow through the dvd once again.  I am now extremely aware of every muscle in my body.  I hurt, but it feels oh! so good.  I recommend it.  

4 thoughts on “The One with the Burn

  1. Are you a glutton for punishment or something? haha :) Dieting is one thing, but I have to force myself to work out… no fun at all to me! Maybe that’s WHY I’m dieting.

  2. Keely, I’m glad my story convinced you. :) good luck!Katie, I actually work out every day normally, so this isn’t much different….except…this morning I can literally BARELY move!! :D

  3. If you have Comcast you can get her videos free, and they change them every month. So that there’s always a variety. I think I’ve tried almost all of her workouts so far. :DAlso there’s a website called exercisetv.tv and you can get free workouts on here too… (I think they’re still free)and then there’s also fitnessmag.com that you can customize your workout to the length and body parts that you want, by video… very cool. :DHope you feel better Mel!

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