Letters to My Kids

The One with the Enticing

On this–the soggiest of days–I found myself layered in cozy clothing so as to keep the damp chills out.  Thankfully, the long underwear and sweats worked wonders and I only remember being cold once today.  (Why didn’t I think of this intense layering back in January?!)
In other news, I finally remembered to buy new vacuum cleaner bags……….after a really long time (as in, the last 40 times I’ve vacuumed, the dirt has probably not been sucked up but rathered carelessly strewn about in different areas of the rug being “vacuumed”).  It was satisfying to have clean carpets once again.  I like clean things.  Did you know that? 
I also did two large loads of laundry.  I find it interesting how every week yields drastically different amounts of clothing, etc. in need of washing.  Hmm…what an interesting scenario.  Ok, maybe not so much for you. 
In the midst of kicking butt with Jillian this morning, fighting off a headache (and failing), and working on the summer youth group schedule, I managed to whip up 4 dozen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and 5 1/2 dozen mini Banana Muffins as well as get some great photographs to post on my recipe blog.  You are definitely going to want to be checking that out about now.  And probably tomorrow. And the next day.  Let me see if I can entice your drooling mechanisms.  
::oatmeal pancakes [aka “my dinner”]::
::a small army of mini banana muffins::
::the mini banana muffin::

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