Letters to My Kids

The One with a Crazy Productive Day

For those of you who may be confused by my lingo when I say “crazy productive” I don’t mean crazy, productive day, I mean a very/super productive day.  Ok, now that we have that cleared up.  
I gave my knees a “balistic” break from Jillian (they were getting really really sore) and hopped on the ellipse around 8:30am.  I showered and did some youth group lesson planning.  I had tea. I talked to my husband on the phone as he walked back to the car and while some guy was acting all creepy across the street.  I took out the trash.  I met Pastor Dale and the church secretary Glenda for lunch at Pepperoni Grill in honor of Administrative Professionals Day.  The restaurant was tucked away in a high class mansion neighborhood as a part of the country club.  It was a really nice place, the food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable.  We had a nice time visiting.  Kevin got home early. *happy* I went to our neighbor, Rena’s house to get my bridesmaid dress pinned for hemming.  Then I spent the next 5 hours in the kitchen. 
I baked 7 dozen chocolate chip cookies for the Sunday Bake Sale.  That took quite some time and ended up being much more frustrating than anticipated.  I took the recipe and wanted to make 1 and 1/2 of the recipe.  I knew I should have written the new amounts down.  But I didn’t.  I knew the dough looked right before adding the last cup of flour.  I knew I should have followed my instincts.  Oh well.  Luckily Kevin was here for crowd control (aka keep Melanie from having a breakdown).  The cookies turned out a bit more cakey and maybe a tad too dry but in reality they are still very good.  They taste a bit more sugar cookie-like…probably because you can taste the flavors cookie dough more than usual and the cookie to chocolate ratio is a bit low.  But yes, they are still more than presentable despite what I may think of myself.  
Then I decided to find the perfect recipe to use for the giant (4-5 inch) chocolate chip cookies that I have plans for.  (I’m being criptic on purpose here, people.)  Paula Deen came through for me and you should definitely definitely check out the recipe for Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Now, be sure no one is looking and wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth.  
After baking up a storm, I threw some potato wedges to roast in the oven for our dinner.  They were delicious along side a green veggie salad.  The rest of the evening continued in productivity as I gathered supplies for Britt’s shower and updated some of the “to do” list concerning that party.  I also did some online shopping and purchased gifts for 5 important events coming up in the next month or two.  Kevin helped me decide (since they are from both of us) and I’m very happy with the choices.  Then I went to bed.
Now, I should probably get off my toucus (my behind) and keep the trend going.  Jillian, here I come! 


3 thoughts on “The One with a Crazy Productive Day

  1. goodmorning! I don’t know how you do it either, nor do I know how you’re so cheerful and productive this early in the morning…. The cookies look yummy! You have the luckiest church.

  2. I’ll be honest, I eat a couple bites of the dough and normally one cookie just to “be sure” they’re ok. ;) But the fact that my intestines react fairly violently to the flour helps with the self-control I never had previously.

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