Letters to My Kids

The One with the Rainy Bread

Today is much improved.  Besides the ceaseless rain and the inexplicable intestinal pains and a slight sore throat, I’m doing much better.  Thanks for thoughts and prayers.  
Yesterday afternoon went well too as Kevin was home for much of it. :D  Not only did he bring me home a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae (*squeal of joy*) but after taking out the trash he picked me a perfect dandilion which just happen to be his favorite flower.  :D  And I’ll have you know that little flower is still thriving!  We were able to make it to Shelby’s soccer game (a youth group student), stop by the mall for an errand, and enjoy an Arby’s meal.  Wow, that was really delicious.  I’m actually still thinking about it.  
I was super lazy this morning and I’m using my “getting over an illness” excuse for that slow on the uptake action (or lack thereof).  :D  I have managed to get quite a lot accomplished even so.  A pretty decent workout, 16 mini multi grain bread loaves (for the church sale), 16 honey wheat sandwich rolls (to be frozen for the shower), and burgers ready to be grilled indoors.  
[warning:  if either of my moms are reading this do NOT click on the “Britt’s Post” link.  It would be a suprise spoiler. :D]
I was also really excited to see Britt’s post about the gift I sent her for her 23rd birthday which is Sunday.  *happy*
Timer’s are buzzing and soon it’ll be time for worship team practice.  *crossing fingers/praying that goes smoothly tonight* 

One thought on “The One with the Rainy Bread

  1. you put a link to my blog!! that makes ME happy… as does the beautiful necklace….. but seriously its a good post because of all the awesome links and pictures!

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