Letters to My Kids

The One with the Relationships

I knew it! Geoffry and Melissa are the two finalists on The Next Food Network Star!
I’ve been rooting for Melissa all along–given her fabulous, down to earth personality, her career of being a stay at home mom of 4 little girls, and her inspiring self-taught culinary skills that have gotten her into the top two! Go, Melissa!
She’s the type of woman I aspire to be.
Though I don’t know whether or not she is living her life for Christ, she is loving her girls and pursuing her passions.
You may already be aware of this, but when I watch something on tv I’m typically really into it.
I think it comes with the territory.
The “being a woman” thing and all.
I am relational.
I connect with people on shows I enjoy.
I become emotionally involved with them.
You may remember the breakdown I experienced during the last episode of Gilmore Girls.
You may also guess that I was gushing at the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Sunday when the final screen told that the father lost his battle to cancer 3 days after the rebuild.
I cried at the end of Friends.
I cried at Cory & Topanga’s wedding.
I identify in some way, shape or form with a character in every book I read, every show I watch, every story I hear.
That’s just the way it is.
And I like it that way.
After all, as a woman I was created to exude qualities of God that only I can fully express.
God is relational at his core.
Melanie is relational at her core.
I love that.
I’m re-reading Captivating by John and Staci Eldredge.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book, but this time it’s needed.
There has been a battle waging for my heart and I’ve been losing sight of my purpose.
And maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to use my reading and my experience to change the life of a young girl.
All about relationships.
I also happen to be reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky.
And Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.
And a whole slew of magazines from the library. (since I fly through my Real Simple and Reader’s Digest in a few days!)
Good Housekeeping.
Christianity Today.
Martha Stewart Living.
And I mustn’t forget about Jesus Calling. One of the most fantastic daily devotionals ever written.
I’m also trying to finish the third book in the Annie’s People series by Beverly Lewis.
Wow. I am kind of crazy. All over the spectrum. But again, all over the spectrum is who I am.
Before I go, I want to make sure you all know to be praying for baby Stellan and his family over at MckMama’s blog. Their story is touching and if you don’t know what they’ve been through and what they’re going through right now, you should check it out. (Once again proof that I love my relational connections, even if they are with Christian women whom I’ve not met and not meet this side of Eternity.)

4 thoughts on “The One with the Relationships

  1. We are so much alike.. I have been rooting for Melissa too, and was excited to see your post about her! :)And, I too tend to lose sight of the big picture every now and then. Being an emotional, relationship-driven person can be both a blessing and a curse sometimes.Oh — I cried at the Friends finale, too. ;)Why can't we be neighbors again?

  2. I heart Cory and Topanga. I think they should do a reunion show with several adorable Cory & Topangas running around!"Angels & Demons" is the best Dan Brown book – you will not be disappointed! And if you like Dan Brown, I suggest Steve Berry as your next historical-suspense-action-conspiracy-theory conquest.It's perfectly acceptable to be an emotional, relational female. It's what makes you the lovable you! And I still well up at Stellan's picture!

  3. I knew you were going to say you were reading Captivating again just by what you were saying in the previous paragraph. Also I watched the same episode of Extreme Makeover – that was sooo sad!!!

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