Letters to My Kids

The One with the BFFs

It has been confirmed.
I look like a 16 year old.
Tonight at youth group, some of the guys brought a new friend, which is way cool.
As we circled up to explain the rules of ultimate frisbee I realized it would probably be a good thing to tell the new kid that Kevin and I are husband and wife.
You know, like in case we make some sort of awkward married joke everyone else would laugh at but the new guy would just see as totally inappropriate.
Or if Kevin gave me The Eyes.
Or smacked my butt.
He likes to do that on occasion.
Turns out, the decision to mention this minor detail was a good one…
Considering the fact he said, “WHAT?! You’re MARRIED? Are you guys old enough to be married?!”
We proceeded to tell him we were 22 and 23 and he spouted out this comment:
“Are you KIDDING ME? She looks like a 16 year old!!!!!!!”
But you know what, he just confirmed what I’ve always known, and oftentimes been told (just not in the last year or so.)
I remember being asked if my sister and I were twins. I was 17, she was 13. Not so cool then.
I responded with, “Well, that’s fine with me. Maybe when I’m 40 I’ll look more like a 28 year old.”
Now, I realize this is probably NOT true.
But I can dream.

In other news, Friday night was one of the greatest slumber parties of all time!
We really missed the 3 girls who were unable to come at the last second. That was sad.
But I can’t believe it worked out to have 7 of my greatest college friends together on one night.
And at MY house nonetheless!
Britt arrived way early (around 1pm) as she had work off and Nick had gone fishin’.
We had a great time catching up and shopping and eating and doing what we did best for 4 years–just being together.

While we talked, I prepared the Overnight Cinnamon Roll dough and the fixings for a Taco Bar.
Then set out my homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites on my newly purchased platters from the garage sale Britt and I hit up.
Kevin went into hiding once the girls began arriving (after Britt that is, since it was totally typical for the 3 of us to hang out. That was life for 2 years after all.)
He did a wonderful job of staying out of our way (probably for his own testosterone’s safety) and yet being witty and friendly and fun when the girls stopped by the office (his den for the weekend) to say hello. Thanks, babe. You were great!
Originally, Kevin was supposed to hang out elsewhere but that just didn’t work out, but Britt reminded us that, in a way, it was kind of fitting that he was around. It was always “Kevin and girls” anyways.

Betsy and Angie pulled in the driveway at 7pm and Jennie arrived just after them at 7:30.
Melissa was picked up in Ann Arbor by Britt and they got back at 10:15pm.
Emily made it around 11:20pm thanks to some directional miscommunications on both our parts–lol.
We had wonderful talks for hours and hours.
There were no movies or formal activities.
Just us. Together again. Talking. Sharing lives. Sharing stories. Sharing hearts.
It was so encouraging. so healing. so good.
We had some craziness that can be evidenced in the 1am photo shoot pictures.
Our times together are never complete without absolutely ridiculous picture taking.
We finally bedded down in the living around 2am.
3 of us made it till after 3am talking and talking.
I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to miss anything. I was so energized by the conversation and friendships and memories and new stories that I was not at all made that I was losing hours of sleep and most likely assuring I would have a Saturday afternoon headache.
It was all so worth it.

At 6am I was awaken by the light and the fact that I normally wake up at 6am.
I pulled my sleeping bag into the den and snuggled up beside my husband for the remaining 3 hours of my sleep.
In the morning, I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and Kevin started coffee.
I cut up apples and peaches and set out grapes and bananas.
And when the girls finally rolled out of bed at 11 (though Britt was up at 10!), they were thrilled with the spread!
I love making people happy with food! Have I mentioned that?
More good talks were had at the brunch table before 3 of the girls took off.
Jennie had left at 7 to get to the food bank she runs and Em and Britt hung around with Kevin and I until 2:30pm or so.

It was all fabulous!
I didn’t shower until 4pm. That was crazy for me. But good. Which sounds weird. But it was good because it proved how relaxed I was.
How much fun I had.
How rejuvinated my spirit was.

Thank you, girls.
I will love you always.



2 thoughts on “The One with the BFFs

  1. Mel – we all loooked like 13 year olds this weekend! And I DON'T think you look 13!!! If only we could grow Facial Hair like the boys to prove our age….except – eewwww!!!

  2. ya it was the BEST! I didnt even realize we didnt even watch a movie which we usually do! we just hadnt seen each other sooo long that we just talked and talked!!! it was sooo fun!

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