Letters to My Kids

The One with the Poll

I love to win things.
Any little old thing really.

I got so totally stoked when Kevin and I won a $10 gift card to Pizza Hut last summer.
I was excited to hear my number called at the family camp softball game.
I won a rain poncho.
And I was still excited.
Just because I won.
Today I want to a win a few things.
A Sam’s Club Membership & gas card from $5 Dollar Dinners.
(Have you been to Sam’s Club? If not, you really need to fall in like with it. I have.)
A Selah cd from Big Mama & Boo Mama.
(Have you ever heard Selah? If not, you really need to be transformed by their music. I have.)
A $250 grocery store gift card from $5 Dollar Dinners.
(Umm, do you grocery shop? I think yes.)
I enter a lot of blog giveaways.
I have not won.
But I plan on winning at some point in my life.
So I keep entering.
It can’t hurt, right?

I have been absolutely loving the weather these past 3 days.
75 and sunny.
Perfect in the shade.
Love it.
I do not love the rag weed allergen whose levels are skyrocketing.
This is my least favorite time of year just because of that.
Ever since I was 5 I have been downing allergy meds to deal with my symptoms.
My eyes itch so so so bad I want to gouge them out.
Or scratch them to death.
Don’t worry. I won’t.
But it’s sheer torture.
And then there’s my sneezing.
I could wake the dead with my sneezing.
And the runny nose.
Well. that’s just not cool.
And I’m on Zyrtec and a prescription eye drop. And it’s still this bad.
Imagine what it would be like without those things.
*cringe* I don’t even want to.

Kevin and I played “golf” last night.
This time with actual golf balls instead of tennis balls.
We tried to avoid hitting a church window.
We succeeded.
But we did lose a ball.
I have found I’m a much better golfer if I just chill out.
When I’m all tense or focused I miss it every time.
Here’s some photos just because I think we’re cute.

:::this is kevin swinging at the weeds.

So here’s a opinion poll for all of my loyal readers.
Should Kevin and I get a dog?
Feel free to share the reasons for your answer.
We realize the pros and cons.
Kevin has pretty much made up his mind.
My mind is taking longer to decide. As per usual.

Tonight is my first AVON regional meeting.
I’m pretty excited to learn.
And meet new people.
And become pretty much awesome at this whole AVON Independent Sales Rep thing.


9 thoughts on “The One with the Poll

  1. Think LONG & HARD. Love 2 travel hard 2 do. Love 2 get up in the middle of the night? Love expensive vet bills? This from your Aunt Linda who has 2 dogs she loves to death. BUT…. Depending on the dog dog hair everywhere and I mean everywhere.

  2. I would suggest "yes" but this is coming from the girl who has had a dog her entire life. Puppies are hard work — potty training and whatnot.Luckily we have gotten good breeds every time and hardly ever have to take our dogs in. And we bought short-haired dogs for those of us with allergies, so there really isn't an issue of dog hair.On top of all that, a dog is wonderful to have especially if Kevin were to work late — that way you have a buddy!I am quite partial to labs and pit bulls… but clearly you don't have to go that route. Look for awhile. Maybe even try the Humane Society if you guys really don't mind if it is a purebred or not. Just make sure if you plan on taking long car rides to get the dog used to traveling early… to cut back on the chances of motion sickness and whatnot ((which we have had a dog in the past have it. It was awful to clean up)).Maybe try dogsitting for a neighbor? See if it is something you both want to do long-term.I hope all this helps with making a decision!Good Luck!

  3. I vote yes. I have hardly ever NOT had a dog, and I really don't know where I'd be without one (or two)! However, if you are considering getting a pet, I highly recommend checking out rescues first. Overpopulation is a huge problem, and it's always a great feeling to know that you helped a dog in need. Many rescues have puppies, too. Check out petfinder.com for pets in need in your area. :)

  4. If the dog in Question is Murphy Luke. Then yes, yes you should get a dog. :)PS–Have I ever shared my story about winning a car once? B/c I did…but it didn't have a very happy ending :(

  5. wow! I am torn between saying yes and not but I think my heart is telling you not yet. don't get one until you can't live with out one – can you live with out one?? I mean you could start looking – but don't find one until you find the perfect one. Just keep your eye's open.Altho, If we were more financially stable, Nick and I would get a cat – so I guess I can't tell you to wait. Go for it.

  6. My experiences with dogs have been very bad. I like to be free to have my own schedule and not have to let a dog out. Our barn cats are barely tolerable, but they serve a purpose of keeping the rodent population down and they don't need me to be around to let them out.

  7. OK, I know I should be talking you in to getting a dog . . . specifically, ours . . . but I wish we had waited until after we had kids. And I hope that someday we'll have one again when our kids are a little older. It's a huge commitment.On the flip side, you're home a lot more than I have ever been and I think things would be a lot different right now if we were home more. I loved having Murphy the summer that Jack was born because I was home so much more. And I love having her to walk with me.We have a few people coming this weekend to see Murphy, but if none of them take her, maybe we could arrange a one or two night stay and you guys could get a feel for what it's like to have a dog. Even if you didn't decide on Murphy, it would be a small chance to see if having a dog is something you want at all.

  8. I have to admit…I enter all the customer satisfaction, win $5000 on the back of receipts! :) No real comment about the dog, just wanted to share in your, I'm bound to win someday post! :)

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