Letters to My Kids

The One with a Food Confession

I need to get this out there.
I need you to know.
I need you to not laugh. Too hard.
Or be disgusted.
Give it a chance.
I did.
Kevin refuses.
He is totally missing out.
One of my favorite meals is a gluten free alternative to a Rachael Ray sammy.
(Sammy=slang for sandwich.)
She made a grilled cheese.
And put apple slices inside.
I thought this was totally weird.
And gross.
But then I tried it.
And I absolutely feel in love.
There were many cold winter days when I had this sandwich with my tomato soup.
That was before I knew I couldn’t safely ingest gluten.
So now I eat all my sandwiches on corn tortillas.
This was a difficult change to make.
I couldn’t figure out how to best manipulate the tortillas to suit my tastes.
Or to just keep from falling apart.
Which happens if you attempt to fold a corn tortilla straight from the fridge.
Don’t do it.
But once I realized the stovetop method, I have never looked back.
I heat a dry skillet up to medium heat.
Lay the tortilla in the pan.
Apply desired toppings.
Cook approximately 5 minutes.
Until cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp.
Fold over.
So I combined my two loves: apple grilled cheese & corn tortillas.
With a third love: peanut butter.
That’s where I lose Kevin.
He knows apples and peanut are delicious.
And that many Americans find cheese a good compliment for apple pie.
But putting all those ingredients together: not so much.
I, on the other hand, love. it.
Cheese on one half of my tortilla.
A thin layer of peanut butter on the other.
Thinly sliced apples on both sides.
A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.
And I’m in heaven.

Please keep negative comments to yourself.

Don’t ruin this for me.
Thank you.

6 thoughts on “The One with a Food Confession

  1. I think it sounds wonderful and would love to try it sometime…. also I like weird things too: one of my favourite snacks in crackers with ketchup, cheese and pickles on them!!!!

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