Letters to My Kids

The One with the Newbies

I’m sorry for being a lame-o this week.
I kept thinking, “I’m gonna write about this or that.”
But sitting down and getting it done was another thing entirely.
My life has gotten progressively busier in the last few months.
Funny how that happens.
I’m pretty creeped out right now.
The last two mornings I’ve woken up with bug bites.
Random bites.
I get bitten a lot so this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.
But these bites are different.
And I’m weirded out by their appearance.
And the fact that we’re apparently sleeping with a third party.
Ack! the thought of a spider sleeping with us just grosses me out.
Last night before falling asleep I spoke to this bug/insect/creepy crawler.
I referred to him as Spider.
“Dear Spider,” I said, “please do not sleep with us tonight.
Please do not bite me tonight.
Sincerely, Me.”
It didn’t work.
I have At least 3 more bites this morning.
In other news you should check out my online AVON store.
The link is on the top right sidebar.
There’s free shipping through Sept. 28 with any purchase of $5 or more.
That’s pretty rad I think.
I have had quite a bit of excitement these last 2 days.
Since last week many of my SBC friends have been waiting.
Waiting in eager expectation.
Hoping that little baby Luke will be born safe and sound.
With as few interventions as possible.
I was jumping up and down when I saw Sara’s tweet.
Their baby boy joined their family on Wednesday.
Congratulations, Sara & Kyle.
We love you guys.
Sara also tweeted about Kyle running in to an old college friend.
Whose wife happened to be having quadruplets!
I put two and two together and asked if it happened to be Nich & Jennie.
Sure enough.
Jennie has been one of my good friends since she was my RA in ’04-05.
We have been praying hard throughout this miracle of a pregnancy.
God has definitely had his hand on these babies and on Jennie.
I got word from Britt yesterday that Jennie had gone in for an emergency C-section.
The two little boys and two little girls are in the NICU right now.
Jennie & Nich are truly showing what a great peace God can pour out on those who trust him.
We will keep praying for you guys.
We love you, friends.
And now for something completely different.
After sending in a few photos to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, I got an email.
They want to use this picture in their book to be published next year.
Rock on!
Thanks, Karina, for capturing this mosquito smacking moment.
And again, a big thank you goes to my loving husband who could not bear to see such a blood thirsty insect ruin my flawless complexion.


One thought on “The One with the Newbies

  1. It was neat to be there at the same time they were (though I don't know them) and to be able to pray for them. That'll always be a big part of ben's birth story (for me at least). I was so sad to read your Twitter update last night but it reminded me to continue praying.

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