Letters to My Kids

The One with SnapIt

I was asked to review a really cool software product.
I was excited for this opportunity.
Though I’m not at all computer savvy, I set out to learn this program from Digeus Software.
Called SnapIt Screen Capture, this is a super simple & very convenient computer tool.
I would recommend downloading the free 14 day trial.
Checking it out for yourself.
After opening the program you will find the cute little camera icon on your system tray.
Once the program is running you can use it at any time to take a snap shot of any section of a certain screen.
This is done simply by pressing the “Prt Scr” (print screen) button on your keyboard.
Next your mouse will become your cropping tool.
Select the portion of your screen you wish to capture and release the mouse button.
Then save your item wherever you choose by right clicking on the camera SnapIt icon.
The results will be something like these:

So check out SnapIt for 14 days and see if you’re interested in this easy to use Screen Capturing program.

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