Letters to My Kids

The One with the Cheap Gas for our "New" Car

I needed to get gas.

We meant to stop at Meijer’s gas station but we totally forgot.
So when I went out again I stopped at the little podunk station known as Admiral.
I am SO glad I did.
Gas was just $2.41 while it was at least $2.53 EVERYwhere else.
How awesome is that?!
Yesterday our living room chair stabbed me.
I grabbed it under each armrest as I went to move it.
It seriously stabbed me.
Skin was broken.
Blood was spilling.
It still hurts today.
Stupid chair.
Although I guess it taught me a lesson.
The same kind of lesson my sister taught me when she was around 2 years old.
“Don’t pick me up unless I want to be picked up.
If you pick me up and I don’t want to be picked up I will bite you.
And then you will never pick me up again.”
The reason I was moving the chair was simple.
I was pulling it over beside the piano bench.
Because I was teaching my first lesson to my second piano student.
How great is that?!
Twelve year old Michaela started lessons and I’m so excited.
She knows a bit of music from her saxophone experience in band.
And she’s eager to learn.
She’s the one who’s been after her mom to get her started on lessons for quite some time.
And she’s the reason I started thinking about teaching in the first place.
When her mom asked me last December.
(Eeek! It took me almost a year to gain the courage for this?!)
It was a great first lesson.
I was proud of her.
And proud of myself.
Especially because I didn’t buy the one book I needed the most…the lesson book.
I only had the theory book and the performance book.
Both of which coordinate with page EIGHT of the lesson book.
Poor girl having to deal with me figuring out where in the world I should start. :)
But it went well all things considered.
Today, before the great gas find Kevin took me to Coldstone.
To cash in my free “Like it” sized treat with one “mix-in.”
He decided he didn’t want to share it with me.
I was ok with that.
I chose the Fudge Brownie Batter ice cream.
With Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups mixed in.
And OH. MY.
The ice cream was Amazing!
I do love the creaminess of Coldstone’s ice cream.
And I loved this flavor.
Sooo chocolately.
Just like brownie batter.
And Reese’s make everything amazing in my opinion.
After getting home from Coldstone, we got a call from my mom.
I was laughing hysterically as I overheard Kevin talking with her.
As we both realized we had no idea my parents were leaving for our house TODAY.
Not meeting us at his parents’ house tomorrow like we assumed.
I’m sure I heard this somewhere along the way.
But evidently it went in one ear and out the other.
I quickly threw together a pot of chili and started a loaf of bread in the bread machine.
A crazy change of plans that went all too smoothly.
We’re excited to have them here tonight.
And then head to his parents’ house tomorrow.
Woot, family.
Want to know something else that’s awesome about my parents coming?
We’re getting a new car!
Well, definitely not a new car.
But new to us.
And a SECOND car!
I’ll actually have freedom to leave my home when Kevin’s gone all day.
After a year and half of complete strandedness.
Well, you probably know we can’t afford a second car.
But my Grandma Mary just decided she wanted to buy the Sonata from my parents.
(They just put it up for sale after getting Ash a different car.)
Grandma then decided to just give us her car.
Her little 1994 Ford Escort.
It’ll be great on insurance.
Just fine to get around in.
And it’s got under 90k miles on it!
Our 98 Civic has 169k miles and it’s still going strong!
(But it’s good to have a backup!)
And let’s face it.
Honda beats Ford any day.
In my opinion.
And I don’t really know anything about cars.
So let’s forget I said that.
But how awesome is this?!
What a blessing.

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