Letters to My Kids

The One with the Thankful Turkey

No, the turkey I’m referring to being thankful isn’t the holiday bird.
I did not spare the turkey.
It will be eaten and enjoyed.
The “Turkey” is me.
My Papa Vern always used to call me “Turkey.”
And when Ash was born I was “Turkey One” and she was “Turkey Two.”
I liked that for some reason.
But yeah, this turkey is thankful.
::for these teens. who I love like crazy::

::these girls. my sisters::

::a beautiful home. a wonderful gift for our work with those teens::

::the amazing family I married into. I could ask for nothing more::
::MY family. seriously the best mom, dad, and sister in the whole world::

::the man of my (undreamed) dreams. he surpasses my wildest expectations::
(even when I may not act like it, darling.)

My heart overflows.
Thank you, Jesus.
For providing.
For throwing open the floodgates of heaven.
And pouring out so much blessing that there is not room enough for it.
Micah 3:10

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