Letters to My Kids

The One with the Middle School Slumber Party

The slumber party was awesome.
Though many of our girls couldn’t come, the five of us had a great time.
These girls rock.
We had a blast hanging out for hours.
I knew they would enjoy themselves whether or not I had cool plans.
They never seem to want to leave when their parents knock on the door after youth group.
And they all four arrived way earlier than the indicated “start time” on the cute little postcards I sent them.
Which is a fantastic problem to have.

::my girls::
michaela. brittany. brooke. ashley.

::no girls’ night is complete without salon time::

::mad gab::

::teaching each other piano::
and texting.

::a great piano duet::
Kevin & one of my piano students.
these girls adore Kevin. and I think the feeling is mutual
he doesn’t play on demand for anyone
but they easily pulled him out of his “hiding place” to come entertain them.

::and then we made chocolate chip cookies::
they wanted to surprise Kevin with a plate too!


2 thoughts on “The One with the Middle School Slumber Party

  1. Looks like a blast!!! I would have enjoyed it very much! We both had jr.high sleepovers Friday!!! Love it!!! Um so I love the girls names – Brooke – Ash and Britt!! Awesome!

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