Letters to My Kids

The One with a Spontaneous Prayer

For the first time in nine months.
I drove “home” today.
My parents’ house will always be referred to as “home” I believe.
Well, I could be wrong about the “always” part.
But nonetheless, I still say I’m going “home.”  
Lucky for me, mom and dad had made frequent trips to visit us.
Otherwise the nine months thing would just be ridiculous.
But still it’s good to be back.
Thanks to a second car!
Mom needed an extra set of hands to help with final holiday decorating touches. 
I’m pretty much a speedy gonzales when it comes to stuff like that.
Thus, her request was put in to me. 
I was also commissioned to bring loads of cookies for her to serve at various holiday festivities. 
All amazing.
And I brought the ingredients to make 7 Layer Bars.
Probably tomorrow.
Thanks to my darling husband, 
(he really is darling)
I was able to leave at 11am.
Rather than the predicted 5pm.
After my scheduled 4pm piano student. 
But he opted to teach the lesson for me so I could get on the road sooner.
I am grateful.
Mom and I had plenty of time to catch up.
Eat cookies. 
And do a little decorating.
Then head to Steak ‘n Shake for a dinner date.
I then decorated the Christmas tree in the company of my Grams and Chuck.
While Mom was at work and Dad was at the Y. 
Oh, and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Quick side story on Steak ‘n Shake.
Our waitress was quite lovely.
Near the end of our dining experience she came to refill our waters just as mom was holding up her glass to ask for some.
She apologized for being off her game.
Then proceeded to tell us that her best friend had just passed away two hours before that.
Thirty one years old.
Died from leukemia.
Left a 10 year old son.
How devastating.
It’s really difficult to know what to do or say when someone share such heavy information with you.
We talked for just a minute as she was walking away, I felt the Lord give me a strength beyond my own.
I quickly asked if she would like me to pray with her.
She didn’t hesitate.
Yes, please, she said. 
I held her hand and prayed over her. 
And the friends’ family and that little boy she left behind. 
We were all three moved to tears.
It was such a beautiful moment.
I was truly thankful that God prodded and gave me courage to obey. 
The waitress stopped by a few more times and thanked me repeatedly.
I think I was the one who was blessed. 

4 thoughts on “The One with a Spontaneous Prayer

  1. Your Mom was and is so proud of you Mel. For praying for our waitress, for baking delicious cookies, having a great touch for decorating our home for Christmas, and for being our daughter. Love you.

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