Letters to My Kids

The One with the Christmas Creativity

Not to be confused with the Christmas Nativity.
So I definitely almost posted this 4 days before Christmas.
Thus potentially ruining the surprise for no less than 6 people.
Yes, it’s not really that thrilling of a gift.
But still.
Have the fun is in the surprise.
In an effort to save money while at the same time giving a heartfelt, useful, handmade gift, we opted for the Coffee Mug and Homemade Cocoa Mix gift package.
I found this amazing Sharpie Pen at our local JoAnn Fabrics that is closing.
It was on sale for $2.33 and it was TOTALLY worth every penny.
My original plan was to use some sort of paint to decorate the plain white mugs.
(Mugs found at various craft stores and my favorite Dollar Tree.)
However, coming across these pens changed my mind instantly.
If you, like me, have no skill with a paint brush, you must invest in one of these pens.
The paint dries almost instantly, too.
(aka: no paint all over myself.)
I used a Letter Writing Guide book from my mom to help with the fonts.
I penciled on the words and simply wrote over it with my handy dandy Sharpie pen.

*extra information I would rather not supply but feel I must as I don’t want you to try this and be totally disappointed in me.
We found that after even one gentle handwashing, the paint started chipping.
We tried to coat it in clear nail polish.
NOT a good idea.
The paint came off almost entirely with that idea.
If you have a way to permanently set the paint, please inform me.
But in any case, it’s still a pretty pen or toothbrush holder, right?!

5 thoughts on “The One with the Christmas Creativity

  1. Hey Melanie!I paint glass and ceramics including plenty of mugs. Sometimes the original tool used to apply the paint is the most important step. If the pen you used is not for ceramics (it should say on the pen)then there is a good chance that the paint probably won't stay on no matter what you put on over it. Still, you can try baking the cups in the oven for an hour at not too high of a temperature. You can also apply an acrylic sealer or another kind of sealer (you can find them at the craft stores). I used that on a mug I made for my mom about 6 years ago and it hasn't come off yet. Hope that helps!~Melanie :)

  2. Although I can't give you any tips to help with the problem, I will offer another use: decorate a large serving platter or other ornamental dish with the marker for a friend who is getting married. Take the dish to the wedding reception and allow guests to write messages to the newlyweds. It can be hung on the wall or filled with potpourri as a centerpiece full of memories.

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