Letters to My Kids

The One with Hand Cream and Phone Calls

Holy smokes.
The phone has been ringing off the hook.
Inquiring about Kevin’s substitute teaching app.
A third time.
On my cell phone.
Informing me that my substitute app (Part 2) is in my inbox.
Pastor Dave from HFMC.
About a collaborative 30HourFamine event.
And in sympathy for my elbow.*
Pastor Dale asking about an email I forwarded him.
I didn’t know the answer though.
I think that was it.
And it’s only 11:49am.
*I closed the folding closet door.
With my elbow.
The door revolted.
And ate a piece of my elbow.
Yeah, sure it was mostly my fault.
But still.
Not nice.
This morning I heard the lovely little automated voice on Kevin’s cell phone.
All the way from the bathroom.
A sub job that came at 5:45.
The earliest yet.
I wonder if that’s a good sign.
Like he’s up on the priority call list or something.
Who knows.

Three things that work for me.
They are totally unrelated.
But all three make me crazy happy.
It’s the little things in life, ya know?
I decided to try Level 3 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred this morning.
I figure she wants you to do 10 days of each level.
But that’s just too long to wait.
I was eager.
So at day 7 (day 14 total) I made the switch.
And holy smokes (wait, I said that once already, didn’t I?).
It is in.tense.
But you can’t beat a 20 minute workout.
When I finish I feel like I’ve actually worked out.
Previously, I could do no less than JM’s 45 minute workouts.
But hey.
If this 30 Day Shred really works then I’m totally pumped.
Twenty minutes is so. much. easier to fit into a busy day.
Which wasn’t a problem before.
But it’s getting that way.
I recommend you try it.
But be ready for some serious butt kicking.
Also this morning I finished my piano music project.
You see, we now have the complete collection.
Of Kevin & Melanie’s Piano Lesson books.
From a combined 19 years of piano lessons.
I went through piles of books.
By sheet music.
Lesson and Theory Series.
Technical exercises.
And more.
I figured they’d end up in a closet somewhere.
With little to no accessibility.
But I came up with a lovely little system of which I am so proud of.
Hence the photos.
I moved the Bibles from the bottom of this book shelf up one level.
Then strategically placed my precisely organized books.
As I stepped back to look at my work I realized something was missing.
I would never know where to find a certain type of book in a long line of books.
Enter: the handy dandy tabbed notebook dividers.
Labled with little Post-It Flags.
Now I’m happy.

And now, introducing my most favorite AVON product ever.
The only hand cream that actually heals and protects my freakishly dry.
painful hands.
Through the harsh Midwestern United States winters.
You simply must try this stuff.
It’s inexpensive to boot!
Usually $2.99.
Go. now!

4 thoughts on “The One with Hand Cream and Phone Calls

  1. I got the Shred video for Christmas, and have only gotten around to one workout. What happened is that I'm a sucker for 30-day $back guarantees, so I joined Jillian's website. I thought the video was good (just viewing the beginner level) but trying her "advanced" workouts that they planned for me from the website: outta this world butt-kicking. I tell you this: if a person follows that site's workout plan alone for 30 days, they'll be hooked because of the huge change in their body.

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