Letters to My Kids

The One with the String of Thoughts

I sound like an elephant when I walk through the kitchen.
I ate too many cookies.
My husband is singing in his falsetto from the bathroom.
He makes me laugh.
Most of the time.
Earlier today. Not so much.
Why am I so easily angered?

Why can’t I seem to remember the good things in moments of frustration?
Why can’t I just get it right?
We think Bianca is a boy.
My relationship with this mouse may have just been permanently severed.
In my post-argument huff, I decided to make these cookies.
That was a good decision.
I had wanted to watch American Idol this season.
But it overlaps Biggest Loser.
And I forgot to record it.
So that didn’t happen.
But I hear I remind some of Morgan in Boston.
I hope that’s a good thing.
Kevin was just looking for one of our 10 screw drivers.
The one that happens to be in our spare toilet.
Stopping it from running.
Why does the library never have the books I want?
Britt randomly reminded me of this precious moment.
Driving to the church with my dad.
In his stylin’ Tacoma.
Oh. yeah.

that’s a lot of dress.

I married a good man.

A man of God.
A man who loves me.
Respects me.
Protects me.
Cherishes me.
Now. If I can just keep all of those truths in mind the next time he doesn’t meet one of my hidden expectations.


5 thoughts on “The One with the String of Thoughts

  1. Been there, girl. It wouldn't be a marriage if there were no arguments. :) Your blog writing reminds me a lot of myself sometimes. *hugs* Oh – and those cookies look amazing!

  2. Mel, NBC.com now has a thing called NBC Direct where you can get high quality video of their shows like Biggest Loser any time you want after the show has aired. It comes in real handy if you forget to record the show. And it has many fewer commercials!

  3. Hey Mel. Dad and I just looked at your blog and we love the dress and truck pictures. Never saw them before. Would love to have hard copies of those and still want the one of you leaning over to kiss Kevin at Lake Shore Park on your wedding day.

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