Letters to My Kids

The One with a Confident Confession

I’m sure there are things you’re ashamed to admit.
There are, aren’t there?!
No? I’m the ONLY one?!
Oh well. 
I’ve gotta get this off my chest.
And you have the right to ridicule because you don’t have any dastardly deeds. 
I am always completely and utterly productive.
Never a moment wasted.
This is why I would never ever spend an entire Monday watching LOST: The Complete Fourth Season.
And when I say “complete” I mean “complete.” 
Every episode. One day.
Nah! I would never ever do something totally irresponsible and utterly pointless like that. 
Not me!
And even if I did watch an entire season of LOST in one day, it wouldn’t be out of fear.
Fear that the local library instilled in us yesterday.
When we were informed Seasons 3 & 4 are due back tomorrow.
And we can’t renew. Because they’re on hold.
This wouldn’t launch us into hyper drive. 
Forcing us to succumb to the pressure of finishing the material ASAP.
Nope, we would never do anything that ridiculous. 
We could have rented it again later, right?
And even if we did get bullied into watching season four of LOST today, I wouldn’t manage to fit in a little productively. 
No! Not me.
I wouldn’t press “play” on these addictive dvds at 7:45am. 
And manage to do laundry.
Bake two loaves of homemade bread. 
Make breakfast and lunch. 
Finish LOST at 3:35pm. 
Drive 40 minutes to Sam’s Club.
Drop off said bread as a little house apartment-warming gift for Britt & Nick. 
And still have time to spare. 
And sure. Maybe there’s a teeny tiny possibility I still got stuff done.
But one of those things wouldn’t include a task we should have completed almost 2 years ago.
Nope, we don’t procrastinate. 
Which is why we wouldn’t make a special trip to said Sam’s Club for a new set of tires.
And then instantly remark how much better the car was driving. 
Because we would never fear the cost over the necessity of the product replacement. 
We’re not terrible people. Really. 
And now. 
After this truly terrible day, I shall….
What shall I do without the next season of LOST to watch?!!!!!
*twitch twitch*
How WILL I survive?!?!


3 thoughts on “The One with a Confident Confession

  1. My husband works away from home three weeks at a time and then he's home for three weeks. Every time he leaves, I have something to watch on DVD – last time it was Law and Order SVU (all 11 seasons, but I didn't finish). This time it's The West Wing (I'm on season 3 now and he will be home next week so these may make it until next time:) And I do all this WITH a two year old!Maybe I'll get Lost next:) I love "Not Me Mondays"

  2. Ok Melanie…did you take a page out of my book? Haha Ryan and I did this exact thing last year before Season 5 started and we have been hooked ever since!

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