Letters to My Kids

The One with the Sisters’ Walk

I love being a big sister. 
But even more than that, I love my baby sister. 
We were best friends from the moment I first held her in my arms.
She was always a strongly independent person.
Which didn’t pair well with my bossy, motherly tendencies. 
I wanted to do things for her and she wanted to do them herself
You can imagine the chaos that insued.

We fought a lot, but that didn’t matter.
We’d rather play Barbies or “house” just the two of us than have loads of friends around. 
She is my jewel. 
And on this day, just a week before her 20th birthday, I celebrate us.

The moment I became a proud sister.
Check out that gorgeous dark head of hair on Ash.
We were as different as night and day from that moment. :)
The girls and Grams.
Precious, isn’t it?
And check out the furniture. Oh yeah, 70s!
Ashley and I with Gramma Mary.
We spent many a Friday night at their house.
It was mom and dad’s date night.
Swim time!
Sister snuggles.
I distinctly remember the smell of her poopy diaper in this moment.
But besides that we loved jumping on my mom and dad’s bed.
And dancing on it in front of their large mirror.
We were performers.
Family photo circa 1990.
That dress I’m wearing had a little schoolhouse with a real ringing bell on it.
Super cool.
And check out the blowing-bubbles face Ash has going on.
Watching a movie all bundled up together in my totally rad Little Mermaid sleeping bag.
Daddy and the girls at Niagara Falls on my 11th birthday.
Rocking the sponge rollers. 
Dad loved this picture and had it mounted for his work locker, I believe.
Mom and Ash and I visiting Grams and Gramps at their Orlando, Florida home. 
I’m thinking this was just before my senior year of high school, 2003.
Right before I left for my Senior Prom. 
She had convinced me to go tanning for a month.
Oh the things I do because of her recommendations. :)
The summer after my senior year was unforgettable.
Ashley spent every day hanging out with me and a handful of some good high school friends.
Bonfires. Trampolines. Sleepovers. Pools. Movies.
During one of my visits home from college. 
Sophomore year, possibly.
And apparently that birthday sign in the background indicates it was probably my birthday.
So November 2005 (or 2006?)
I think we girls went to our first pilates class right after this.
THAT was hilarious.
Sisters on the day of my wedding. 
She was my maid of honor, just as we always planned.
I love you, Ashley Nicole.
And I wouldn’t trade you for the world.
Your big sister,

11 thoughts on “The One with the Sisters’ Walk

  1. Sweet post! I hope you still have some of your dresses – how precious would those look on a little girl now??? I love all things sentimental! And you gotta love the sponge rollers – that's a memory we can all share!I also liked your Friday night post. We do pizza on Friday nights too. We normally buy it, but when I make homemade I just go by my favorite pizzeria in town and buy pizza dough. I'll have to try your recipe next time!

  2. What sweet pictures…and what a beautiful relationship you have with your sister! I loved the sponge rollers…oh the memories. What a blessing to have a sister to share so many memories and so much of your life with. Thanks for sharing this!Happy Wednesday Walking!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh what a sweet sweet post for your sister! I can just see the love the both of you have for each other in each of those photos. What precious memories. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your sisterly growing-up years with us.I had those sponge rollers growing up, too. They've been around for a longggggggg time. {Oh gee, what's that say about ME? LOL!}♥

  4. So sweet. I hope your parents get to read this. I have a sister like this and my prayer is that my two girls will one day feel the same.So far, they LOVE their playtime together.Great to meet you, too. Seems like such a nice group of ladies here.

  5. Melanie~ visiting from Jenilee's Wednesday walk- and I am so glad that I stopped by!Your blog sidebar is beautiful- I love black & white together like that!The post about your sister was so enjoyable to read… thank you for sharing all of your special pictures!Your sister will always be one of your best friends.. your wedding pic was beautiful!Love your Blog name- by the way!~September

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