Letters to My Kids

The One where I Totally Took Care of the Fish Water

I will not admit my shortcomings.
I will not prove to you how I am totally human
Emotional, irrational, ridiculous, silly. 
A few things I may or may not have done this past week.
::admitted that it is sheer laziness that we haven’t cleaned out the fish tank since Fishy died. 
(And to make matters worse, it certainly isn’t me who can’t even remember when that fateful day occurred. 
I’m not a terrible person.)
::accepted and then turned down multiple sub jobs after realizing I love being a house wife and work from home youth pastor more than substitute teaching and dealing with completely unpredictable but always charming children. 
::thoroughly cleaned my bathroom sink with bleach.
And then proceeded to lay my good bath towels on the sink’s edge.
Subsequently facing the awful bleach marks in those lovely sage green towels. 
::eaten almost all of the leftover chocolate dipped pretzel rods from my girls small group Saturday. 
::totally blocked from memory all other inadmissible actions as of late. 
That is all.


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