Letters to My Kids

The One with the Cat Poo. Eeew.

This is all TOO appropriate to not join in with MckMama’s Not Me! Monday.
Which is totally unfortunate.

After noticing the cat scratching around on our office carpet in a digging fashion, 

I most certainly did not ignore this clear warning sign. 
Which is why, as I walked through office to open the curtains 
(post workout with tennis ON–thank goodness)
I did not step on something hard and undefinable as I plodded through the darkened room. 
And upon taking a gander at the carpet after flooding the room with daylight, 
I definitely did NOT realized I had stepped in cat poo!
And then take notice of the three nearby piles. 
Conveniently dumped in conspicuous areas. 
Thank you, cat, for making your point. 
This little episode did not cause me–a sensible human–to growl. GRRRR.
But the poop piles weren’t the worst of it.
That came with the litter box cleaning. 
After this gag-inducing little exercise, I definitely did not boldly proclaim for all to hear 
(that is, me and the cat)
that I will never, ever EVER again clean a litter box.

But for some reason, I may or may not still love that little kitty…
…who was supposed to be back with his rightful owner over 4 weeks ago. 
I’m definitely not feeling a little bittersweet to say goodbye. 
We’ve become snuggle buddies, Butterscotch and I. 
He really loves me, I know it.

And now for some photos.

he likes the sun streaming in the window.

this is one of the reasons Kevin calls him “Reginald.”
looking all kingly on our footstool.
he likes to climb up behind me while I’m at my desk. 
this is my favorite posture for Butterscotch. 
Oh, and about that “NOT ME, no never!” thing.
I’ve got another. 
I certainly did not have to drive our very loved ’98 Civic to a highly recommended mechanic this morning.
And if I did I definitely wasn’t ashamed as I drove.
Believing everyone to be glaring at me.
Me and this little car that sounds like a diesel semi-truck gone bad. 
Nope, not me–or our car. 
And upon turning the keys over to the mechanic, I’m not annoyed to discover that not one but TWO exhaust pipes have holes. 
Yes. holeS. multiple.
Each one costs $140. 
plus $26 for the 3 necessary gaskets.
and $23 for the bolt kits.
And then there’s labor. Which he’s really reasonable about. 
But our bill’s gonna be over $400.
And I am definitely happy about that. 
Or not.
But I am surprisingly calm.
Taking it in stride.
Not my normal response, but I’ll go with it. 
I’m just thankful for our savings account. 
Yay money management!
And now, I shall eat lunch. 
And catch up to current episodes of season 6 of LOST. 
Eeek. *Squeal*


4 thoughts on “The One with the Cat Poo. Eeew.

  1. Eeeek! That is pretty gross! But funny to read about. I have had a similar experience with dog pooh. Be glad you had shoes on, cuz I didn't! Very very Yucky!!!

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