Letters to My Kids

The One with the Epic April Fools’

I’ve never been one to partake.
I don’t like getting lied to and then made fun of for trusting someone’s word.
And I don’t like fooling other people.
Well, maybe that’s just because I’m not very good at it.
But one year, one fabulous year, Kevin and I took the cake for best April Fools’ joke ever.
(In the last few years I’ve seen similar jokes crop up, but I like to believe we were the originators.
It was our junior year at SAU.
By this point we’d been dating over two years and had spent the last two years telling people, “No, sorry. We’re not getting married until we finish college.”
There’s something in the water at Christian universities, I tell ya.
In any case you must understand that much of campus was somehow emotionally invested in our relationship.
Which is a great thing.
We had supporters.
They wanted us together and they knew how inseparable we were.
So! we decided the perfect April Fools’ Day prank would be via Facebook.
The wonderful invention of connectedness and letting people in on all your business-ness.
We like to tell those younger than us that we started dating before we Facebook existed and we could tell the world by changing our statuses to “in a relationship.”
They are shocked.
But I digress.
On the appointed day Kevin and I both removed one another from the relationship listing, telling all of Facebook-dom that we had officially end our relationship.
We didn’t know if anyone would believe it.
But they TOTALLY did.
By mid afternoon my wall and inbox were nearly flooded with condolences.
Offers of hugs, prayers, support.
There was even a prayer vigil held for us.
Not. even. kidding.
At that point, we started to feel a little terrible about this joke.
But it was still comforting to know how much we mattered to our friends.
Sure, they probably hated us for a few days.
But they got over it.
And just over a year later they came to our wedding.
So there.

6 thoughts on “The One with the Epic April Fools’

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! What a fun joke…and SO original. And I must say, I really and truly do love your title. Adorkable…my new favorite word. :-)Love & Blessings,–Hannah

  2. I so remember this day because I'm pretty sure Andra about had a heart attack when we saw it on facebook. But then Kevin said something about you guys having lunch together and it blew you're almost perfect April Fools joke :)

  3. Great joke!! I mean, you're not really "together" until you're facebook official, right? My husband and I have only been on fb for about a year (we're older, ya know?) and I told him I wondered if we were even married until we put it on fb??? HA

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