Letters to My Kids

The One with My [Adorable] Husband’s Walk

[don’t miss out on the great tip on Dropbox in the previous post.]

I have so many wonderful memories. 
Many of them in picture form. 
And I love pictures. 
Always have. 
My sister and I could sit for hours and hours and look through old pictures. 
Having every detail memorized just made it that much more enjoyable for us. 
In trying to decide which pictures to feature this week I had many thoughts. 
And one of them is this:
I simply must go through all of my mom’s photo albums and scan, scan, scan. 
I need those pictures at my digitized disposal. :) 
That said, when I came across Kevin’s portion of our wedding slideshow pictures I couldn’t help myself.
He’s so darn cute
I quickly asked him if he would hate me if I posted the pictures here. 
I thought he might. 
He said he wouldn’t mind.
No really, he did. 
So this is a walk down Kevin’s memory lane. 
In honor of his parents making such an amazing little boy. 
The same boy who became a wonderful husband–mine!
::little baby Kevin. (just days after birth I believe). 1986::

::check out the cheeks on this little man::
(at his second home: Somerset.)
::I love this one with all my heart::
three generations of E. men.

::ok ok. I love this one too::
His grandma tells this story wonderfully. 
He was playing tetherball with himself. 
And the ball kept hitting him in the head. 
And he loved every minute of it.

::add 20 years and you’ve got this summer::

::I need to stop saying “I really love this one” because it applies to all of these::
the suspenders just kill me. really they do. perfection on a 3 year old.

::two things strike me here::
1. he started playing really young. and he was probably decent here. :)
2. ahh footie pajamas. love.
(though they always made my feet sweat. hrm)

:::dad helps Kevin get all dressed up for Sunday morning service::

::his reading skills have always amazed me::
I think he learned to read at 3. sheesh.
He gives Big Bird a lot of credit.

::mmm. popcorn on the plane:::
his lips say that’s some really amazing popcorn.

::no comment on the visored-sunglasses and stylish pose::

::he still loves camping::

::this one may be tied with the 3 generation photo above::
the father-son love here just emanates from every pixel.

::love the cheesy grin. 
love that he’s at SBC again. 
love that he still loves SBC. 
love the Mario shirt.

::again with the facial expressions::
I’m kind of famous for mine as well.
Our children should be…well..entertaining to say the least.
He was very excited about the extra large cookie accident

Yes, there are many years about to be skipped. 
But between the horrors of puberty (his awkward years and mine were frighteningly similar)
and my desire to keep you all awake through the end, 
allow me to fast forward about 12 years. 
This has been my second family since 2004. 
I love them. 
And I love that they have always welcomed me into their family photos.
Even before I took their son from them permanently. *wink*

 ::Niagara Falls August 2006::

::same trip: Cadillac Mtn, Maine::

::marriage day::
they are officially stuck with me.
::Detroit Zoo: Summer 2008::

 ::grandparents’ 50th anniversary celebration in Frankenmuth::
Summer 2009

::Easter 2010::
Mom, Dad, and Brian, 
I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me (and for us!)
We love you. 

14 thoughts on “The One with My [Adorable] Husband’s Walk

  1. I loved seeing all of those pictures of your hubby as a child…and the ones from when you entered the family. (You were a beautiful bride).I loved my husbands parents so much too. They both passed on in the last few years…but I loved being their son's wife! God is so good to bring dear people into our lives to treasure and to love!Happy Wednesday!Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I hear you on the scanning being on the "to do" list. So many good reasons to do it!You chose great pics…he was very cute! What a blessing to have great in-laws!

  3. LOVE sweet, old pics. So much fun to look at, and you can't beat "generation" pics…those are priceless. My (sweet) mother in law has MAYBE 20 or 30 pics from when my hubby was little (I know, right?) so I didn't get to see his funny awkward phases. Thanks for sharing a few of your hubby's (i.e the tetherball :)

  4. Mel–so cute. I love looking at my hubby's baby pictures too! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what our children turn out looking like! And, I must say, although you are beautiful in every photo, you look exceptionally gorgeous in this year's Easter photo! That outfit looks great on you!

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