Letters to My Kids

The One with a Walk with my Red Headed Canadian

I think we’ve established that I have amazing friends
One of those friends turned 24 this week. 
Brittney, my Brittney. 
She was there for me on day 1. 
When I first met this bubbly, red-headed, Canadian I had not the faintest idea of the friendship that would emerge.  
Brittney and I met on Freshman Move-In Day at SAU
and in the midst of the all the chaos I was happy to have a new friend living right next door.  
The night before classes started I walked into the hallway and publically addressed the floor.  
“Does anyone want to go to breakfast with me at 7:25 tomorrow morning?” 
Within a second, Brittney popped her head out the door and said, “Sure!”  
(Little did I know, Britt is the farthest thing from a morning person!!) 
For the rest of the year we were breakfast buddies
—automatically splitting a Belgian waffle and getting our routine milk and orange juice for each other.  
And that was the simple start to a lifelong friendship.  
Throughout our next four years at Spring Arbor, it became widely known that Britt and Mel were “inseparable.”  
We did everything together.  
Meals were shared.
Musical concerts were attended.
(She was the only one to come to all of my piano recitals. Thanks, Britt.)
Secrets were held, laughter abounded, and support was given.  
Each of us knew that we could count on the other to be our biggest fan and our constant support even when no one else was around.  
We liked the same books.
Watched the same movies.
Shared the same Christian childhood.
Sang the same songs.
Had the same Type A tendencies.  
We began to read each other’s minds and would rarely have complete conversations because we just “knew what the other meant.”  
When I began dating Kevin, the man who is now my husband, Britt didn’t let our friendship falter.  
She never seemed to mind being our “third wheel,” 
and I was constantly blessed by her steadfast support.  
As she watched our love progress, she never once showed signs of jealousy but was always listening and encouraging.  
When I was hurting, she knew just what to say or exactly when to hold me and let my tears stain her shirt.  
When her turn for love came, I was there every step of the way.  
Nick was a good friend of mine before he and Britt even knew one another.  
Between all of the religion classes we endured together and all of the time I spent hanging out with Kevin and “the guys” in their dorm, 
we got to know each other quite well.  

Then the time came for my wedding. 
I was marrying my best guy. my favoritist person in the world.
And guess who was at my side? 
(I could go on and on about my other awesome bridesmaids, but this post is, afterall, about my friend Brittney.)
It’s bittersweet. This whole growing up thing. 
Our friendship has changed. 
We’ve had to learn how to cross the distance. 
Bridge the gap that didn’t exist all those years–when we slept a few feet apart. 
But having a friend through these next stages of life is such a gift. 
One day shy of our 1st wedding anniversary, Kevin and I stood at the sides of Britt and Nick. 
As they pledged themselves to one another. 
The first wedding I’ve been a part of–besides my own! :)
She asked me to sing How Beautiful by Twila Paris. 
I did all I could to help for the week I spent at her house before the wedding. 
I tied ribbons. 
Helped her with the church decorations.
Shared secrets and wishes and stories as we shared a bed once again. :)
It was a beautiful week and a gorgeous ceremony.
And now it’s been almost another year. 
It’s funny how fast time passes. 
But good things are happening. 
The best is that Britt and Nick just moved to a new apartment.
And they’re just 40 minutes away! 
(And right by the Sam’s Club we frequent. heehee)
I’ve already spent an afternoon with her and it was refreshing. 
I love you, Britt. 
And I wish you the happiest of birthdays! 
Always your friend, 


9 thoughts on “The One with a Walk with my Red Headed Canadian

  1. Thanks for visiting my walk! Loved reading about your precious friendship with Brittney! I, too, had an amazing college roomie who I kinda sorta knew before school but really, really knew after 4 years of living together. She was one of my bridesmaids and I was one of hers. In fact, she's throwing a baby shower for me next weekend! I adore her and thank God for all that He taught me through her during our college years ('cause unfortunatly, my years in college weren't all rosey!?!?!)

  2. What a special friendship – it's truly a gift to have a person like that in your life. I have a friend I've known for 20 years and we've had our ups and downs, but have remained constant friends. What a treasure! :)

  3. How blessed you are to have such a beautiful friendship with Brittney. Treasure that friendship forever. I love the story of how you met and have continued to be there for each other through different seasons of your lives.Blessings,Debbie

  4. What a beautiful friendship story, it made me a little weepy. I loved college and all of the beautiful friends I met there and am glad to commmunitcate via Facebook. Great post!

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