Letters to My Kids

The One with Gils

It came. 
I can’t believe it came.
I heard the doorbell ring. 
I peered out and saw the USPS truck.
And I nearly squealed. 
I took a moment, ran to the door, and tried to look “normal” before greeting the mail lady. 

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Collection

Sure enough.

The box was the right size.
I tore into it and saw my splurge. 
In it’s adorable little carrying case. 
In a way I can’t believe I let myself do this. 
But when it popped up as the Amazon deal of the day, I couldn’t stop debating.
You know I don’t like spending money.
At. all. 
Especially on frivolity. 
But a few friends who are fanatic fans convinced me it was a good investment. 
Considering I’ll watch it again and again.
I’ve already seen all seven seasons through twice on ABC Family. 
And on top of that, my darling husband may secretly enjoying watching with me.
Or maybe not so secretly.
It’s one show I never thought he’d tolerate. 
Let alone enjoy.
But he totally does. 
So yesterday afternoon/evening, as the rain poured,
we had made ourselves comfy in sweatpants, 
I whipped up some oatmeal cookies
and we popped in the first disc. 
And enjoyed all the little details and quirks of the pilot episode.
And sang along to the theme song. 
And simultaneously said, “Oh, Dean…” as he entered the scene.
The writers really did a fabulous job of setting up the entire series in that first episode.
I feel slightly guilty for allowing Kevin to allow me to spoil myself like this. 
But I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. 

3 thoughts on “The One with Gils

  1. We could TOTALLY watch TV together!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gilmore Girls (except the last season). I have them all (except the last season) on DVD – I just wasn't happy with the way it ended or maybe just that it ended. Are you watching Lauren Graham's new show "Parenthood"? I'm hooked!

  2. I wish you had told me it was the deal of the day, I would have considered buying it too. I am actually eating oatmeal raisin cookies – your recipe right now as I post!

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