Letters to My Kids

The One where Twitter Deals Work for Me

You all know I’m all about the good deals, right?
I mean, seriously. 
That’s pretty much the first thing people know about me.
I am a bargain hunter.
I hate spending money.
But when I do I shop for THE lowest price.
And I won’t stop until I know I’ve found it. 
Thanks, Dad, for this little trait of mine, 
that both drives Kevin nuts and makes him thankful we’re so frugal. :)
This is why I want to let you in on two little secrets of mine. 
Which may actually lead to more spending than would occur normally.
But that’s totally up to you.
Every day Amazon.com hosts the “deal of the day.”
And every 2 hours they post a special “lightening deal.”
These are typically items sold for a steal.
A price you can’t beat.
My only caution is, don’t buy everything.
Because then you’re not saving money.
Just keep an eye open for those items you’ve had on your wish list.
Or on your need list.
Or on your “My sister will definitely want this for her birthday” list. 
The easiest way to be aware of Amazon’s great deals is to follow amazondeals on twitter.
Such a lovely (and potentially dangerous) feature. 
This is how I found my Gilmore Girls collection I’d been wishing for.
The same goes for Woot.com.
I used to check this lovely little ridiculous website company every once and a while.
But now I keep up to speed on their deals by following them on twitter.
I’ll never miss a deal.
And you won’t either!
We’ve bought Kevin’s extra large widescreen monitor from woot.
And our dvd player.
And my parents HP slimline computer tower. 
It’s totally legit. 

3 thoughts on “The One where Twitter Deals Work for Me

  1. Amazon really does have some great deals. You know what I like to do? I like to cash in coins at the Coinstar machine and get an Amazon gift certificate (then the coin-counting is free.) Then if I get something, it's like paying for it with nickels and dimes instead of a credit card or dollars. I know it's still money, but it's 'found money,' which may be the best kind, LOL! Oh, and I always try to hit the $25 mark so I get free shipping.

  2. I will definitely be checking this out! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can snag more Gilmore Girl seasons too. My season 1 set has been lonely for years and I think it is time to buy it a few pals.

  3. Melanie…I became a follower today because you are just so cute! I will tell my daughters about the Amazon deals twitter updates.In our family my hubby is the frugal one!Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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