Letters to My Kids

The One with the Rainy Day Sales

Another day of rain. 
I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers.
But I don’t remember April having much rain at all.
And I’m pretty sure rain has dictated the forecast for this pre-summer month. 
At least the temps are almost where they should be.
I’m finally realizing SUMMER is just around the corner.
I start at SBC NEXT Thursday.
And tomorrow my darling husband and I are hitting the road and heading to America’s Roller Coast.
Cedar Point, people!
Ahhh, yeah.
We are totally stoked.
This is our way of celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.
A whole day of fun together.
Screaming at the top of our my lungs.
We’re just praying the rains are religated to sprinkles.
We want to ride the rides like pros.
And hoping that the threat of showers will keep the crowds low.
I’m pumped just thinking about it!
But today, in the rain, I found some amazing garage sale deals.
Items we’ve been on the hunt for.
The looking finally paid off.
A mountain bike for Kevin.
Used twice by an older gentleman. 
Sold for $30. 
And the profits went to Relay for Life to boot!
The thing almost didn’t fit in my Escort trunk. 
But thankfully I have my parents’ amazing packing skills in my blood.

A five-octave electric keyboard for my brother-in-law.
He mentioned wanting one.
I found one.
It even came with the box.:)
I gave it a good cleaning and tried it out.
It sounds great.
It’s super fun to play with.
I’m kinda jealous. heehee
And I got the lady to come down to $25 from $30. 
And lastly, we officially have a second spare bedroom.
The last sale I stopped at was hosted by the most lovely older woman.
We chatted it up.
She showed me a baby quilt she’s working on.
And then I overhead her telling another woman about the bed for sale.
I thought it was just the frame so I hadn’t bothered asking.
But no.
The headboard. footboard. box springs. mattress.
For TEN dollars. 
Say, what?


I said I couldn’t possibly take it home in my teeny tiny car.
She asked where I lived
and when she found out it was only 2 miles away, she offered to have her husband drive it over for us in their van.
Kevin set it up for me and I already made the bed.
(With the only bedspread that covers the box springs.
I’d like something less country and more contemporary.
But that can come later.)
So bring on the guests! :D  


3 thoughts on “The One with the Rainy Day Sales

  1. If you ever want to take on somebody as a personal project, I'm your girl. I have tried garage sales, coupons, and all that, but I just don't have what it takes. I'm great about not spending money I don't have so debt isn't an issue but I WASTE TONS of money on things I don't need and I spend way more than I should on a lot of items. I'm always so impressed by your posts about saving! Great stuff!

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