Letters to My Kids

The One where She Works Solo

I did it!
I did it all by myself!
I worked solo in the Welcome Center office from 2-8pm.
I was a teensy tiny bit apprehensive
only because I’m certain there are at least a handful of tasks I’m not skilled in at the moment.
But with the votes of confidence by my boss and my coworkers and my husband,
I went in with my head held high.

There were a few times I had to direct questions to other staff,
but that’s no problem.
I did well, I believe.
I’m praying I didn’t make any grave errors–
seeing as how everything I do in here affects every branch of the camp’s functions.
Talk about big responsibility. :)

But it was fun and I believe I’m rather enjoying my job.
Office duties are right up my alley.
And my personality suits a front desk position.
So I’m looking forward to a summer of becoming skilled at my job–
all while developing some great relationships
or reestablishing old ones.
In fact, in the three days I’ve been on the grounds I’ve had many deep conversations already
and my heart was blessed to discover what can only be described as a kindred spirit.
Now, if only I didn’t have leave these relationships in a few months.

And just as I get settled here, we’re off to our home church–
our ‘regular’ life-
discipling teens, leading worship, planning events, and more.

Happy weekend.


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