Letters to My Kids

The One with the Pros/Cons of Summer*

*subject to be updated at any time. 

Things that are not all that perfect about being at camp this summer:
  1. dirt and sand in my shoes. 
  2. too much good food readily available for my (over)consumption
  3. sitting (literally) at work. (but thankful for time to walk and move after work. :)
  4. driving back and forth. 
  5. not being able to get in on all of the amazing produce sales. 
  6. not getting to try my thumb at gardening. maybe next summer?!
  7. not getting to make loads and loads of salsa from our tomatoes and our neighbor’s jalapeños. 
  8. having trouble figuring out how to balance time with my husband. We have very different schedules.
  9. being the lame party pooper once again (that is, having lots of people around who love to stay up late and being the only one wanting to go to bed at a decent hour). I guess it’s my life’s fate.
  10. not being able to bake on a whim.
  11. not getting to line dry my clothes in the summer breezes. 
  12. scooping cat poop and sweeping up litter every single day (because it’s in a conspicuous spot.) 

Things I love about being at camp this summer:

  1. the people. seriously, they’re good people out here.  
  2. our cute little trailer
  3. feeling comfortable. 
  4. wearing cute clothes to work.
  5. getting use of the boats and lake.
  6. exploring/hiking/walking the trails. 
  7. the amazing girls I work with. 
  8. not paying for groceries. 
  9. having a nearly endless supply of good food. 
  10. being a part of a great ministry. 
  11. seeing the camp operations from a new perspective. 
  12. staying up too late because we’re talking with friends. 
  13. Kyle and Sara’s amazing little boys. 
  14. slushies. 
  15. corn muffins. seriously. they are the best. 
  16. making new friends and connecting with old friends.
  17. the freedom to walk or run until my heart’s content (believe me, it’s a hot commodity when you live on a busy sidewalk-less road like we do.)
  18. new SBC tshirts. 
  19. little kids everywhere!
  20. the stars. there is nothing like the night sky at Somerset. (Well, I’m sure there is, but not that I get to see very often.)
  21. not feeling like we have to suffer through the heat just to save a few dollars on our electric bill. 
  22. Freddie’s Freeze. I’m not sure if the ice cream is that amazing, or if it’s just the only ice cream place and everyone experiences a dire need for Freddie’s at least once a week. 
  23. working alongside my husband in a mission greater than ourselves. 

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