The One with the Rain

Will it ever stop raining? 
My little Escort is not meant to navigate eroded roads. 
Or flooded roads. 
I like being able to see when I’m driving. 
Is that too much to ask? 
People really need to drive a consistent speed in bad weather. 
Vacillating between 55 and 70 is really dangerous.
And even more annoying. 
Will it ever stop raining? 
I have the best coworkers. 
Sara, Debbie, you girls are amazing. 
I have loved my time with you this summer. 
I didn’t realize how much I missed sharing clothes. 
In college, everyone’s wardrobe is at your disposal. 
Used respectfully, of course.
Debbie offered two of her dresses for my weekend occassions. 
A girls’ “Little Black Dress” night out. 
And a wedding–in which I am singing. 
I loved both of the dresses.
And was thrilled with how perfectly they fit me. 
In case you didn’t know this, Deb, I think you’re awesome. 
And I love you.
Not just for your dresses either. ;)
A night “in” was just what we needed.
Eating too much food. 
And snuggling on the couch. 
And watching too much How I Met Your Mother?
Oh! And I musn’t forget the bathroom runs. 
In the torrential rains. 
Believe me, we considered our options carefully before venturing out. 
But in the end, there was no choice.
So we hugged each other close and shielded (most of) ourselves with the umbrella.
And then we went to sleep. 
Listening to the rain. 

One thought on “The One with the Rain

  1. Concerning the rain: I TOTALLY agree. We drove home from Chicago last night and my car doubled as a boat… though it was far less epic than a James Bond movie….Hope you are doing well. I enjoy your blogs.

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