Letters to My Kids

The One with Lazy Thoughts

My thoughts on this Sunday afternoon. 
God is so faithful. 
I love fall weather. always. 
Teaching a 2nd grader piano is such a joy. 
Seeing the front two pews at church filled with our teens for yet another Sunday was *amazing.*
Crockpots are miracle workers. 
Making real connections with potential Jesus lovers is SO important. 
Rummage sales are ridiculous. 
My basement is now full of canning jars. 
I guess I’ve committed to this gardening thing. 
It interesting how adults can be just as petty as teenagers.
I heart teenagers. 
The new seasons of my favorite shows are finally starting. 
I’m trying to understand football. 
I think I could enjoy it, but never for 4 hours. sheesh. 
Sometimes we purposely let bananas become overripe–just for the banana bread. 
I don’t know how we got here doing all of this. It’s way beyond my dreams and totally foreign to my plans. But it’s so much better

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