Letters to My Kids

The One with the Clearing Out

We are still doing our best to obediently follow the urgings of Jesus–
as He leads us into a life of simplicity and modesty and even more frugality. 
This lifestyle is to make way for HIM–
for His purposes in our life, 
that we might see Jesus in every person we encounter, 
and be deliberate about doing and giving and being all we can to those who need it. 
We are to be Love. 
Not just to be loving, but to be like Christ, to be holy as God is holy. 
And God is Love. 
We don’t have to figure out where to turn or which way to go next–
it’s already marked out for us. 
And we’re doing all we can to keep looking for the next marker. 
Right now that’s been clearing out our home of the excess. 
Selling a computer, my wedding dress, an entertainment center (anyone interested???)
Getting rid of knick knacks and clutter and clothing that’s just taking up space. 
Clearing out closets and restructuring. 
Cleaning cobwebs off of basement shelves to make room in our extra bedrooms for however God purposes them. 
We moved out of our little cubby hole and somehow found a perfect place for everything. 
We moved a lovely bed and dresser into that “guest suite” and made it comfortable. 
And now we wait and see how God wants to use it. 
I’m not going to decide that. 
I’m going to obediently wait on His next marker for our race. 
It may show up just as we think we’ve lost our way, but it WILL show up.


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