Letters to My Kids

The One with Awesome Things that Happened this Weekend

::Visiting Megan–one of our teens turned college student–at our alma mater, Spring Arbor University
::Having our awesome friends help out with the Friday night youth event, 5th Quarter. Thanks, Britt & Nick, Ben, McKenzie, Ryan, Amanda & Josh! We couldn’t do it without you. 
::Doubling the attendance from the first ever to the second ever 5th Quarter. 
::Having flood lights set up for ultimate frisbee at 5th Quarter. We’re hard core about frisbee.
::Celebrating the 1st birthday of these three beautiful miracle babies
::Running into my awesome friend, Magan at that party. It was a great surprise. Also, it makes me feel old whenever I realize I wasn’t just in college yesterday. 
::Sitting around the camp fire in the perfectly fall air with Kevin’s family camping at Somerset Beach.
::Using my cat as a side table for my paperwork.
::Wearing a sweatshirt.
::Playing Dance Praise (Christian music DDR) with Britt and Amanda and the girls at 5th Quarter. 
::Having 3 brand new teens at youth group Sunday night as a result of 5th Quarter!! 
::Setting another Sunday Night Youth Group record–17 (and 3 regulars weren’t there). We had 22 including adults! (Three cheers for volunteers!!)
::Having one of our families donate an air hockey table! Now we just need a pool table and we’ve got the best table top games–ping pong, foosball, air hockey. 
::Being a part of another week of young adult small group and managing to stay awake way past my bedtime for the 2nd time that weekend.
::Watching one of our teen’s mom walk down the center aisle at church. She’s been wheelchair bound since she was 7. Spina Bifida. She had a risky surgery that saved her life a few months ago and since then she’s been in therapy and learning to WALK. Praise the Lord!!!

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