Letters to My Kids

After some prompting…

…Mel has convinced me to put all my devotional thoughts in here, so we can have one spot to point people to if they want to read up on all things where Kevin’s brain and Jesus cross. Have mercy on our souls. =)

That said, today Jesus taught me about faith, crisis, and priorities. (I’m also starting to make a conscious effort to say Jesus instead of God…makes it a bit more pointed…Jesus is a person, and God is too easy to translate into some abstract idea.)

This morning, I read Genesis 22. Abraham being asked by God to sacrifice his only son.

I can’t imagine how it must have felt hearing God ask you for the one thing that you value above any other.
Knowing that you have to obey…when it costs you everything in this world that’s important to you.
How do you think Abraham felt when Isaac looked at him and asked “where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

Abraham’s soul was probably torn to shreds when he had to hear his son say those words. But because of that sacrifice, God promised to bless all nations through Abraham’s descendants. Jesus came through Abraham’s faith. God had a plan.

For those of you that watch Glee, the show has some awesome music. If you like solid vocal performances, it’s got the best vocal music on TV. Tonight, they had an episode where one of the characters (can’t remember the guy’s name) was convinced that God was answering his prayers that he was offering to a grilled cheese with a picture of Jesus burned into it. (affectionately dubbed ‘grilled cheesus’) While this is going on, another character, who was an avowed atheist, was going through the struggle of a father who was in a coma.

As comical as the first situation is, it’s almost as sad as the second. These two characters needed to get together. The first needs a dose of reality, while the second desperately needs Faith in a God that matters.

The bright spot in this episode wasn’t the music or the amazing name of ‘grilled cheesus’ that I’m going to use and abuse for at least a week…it was the reaction of many of the students on the show that had Faith in God. They rallied around their friend who didn’t believe in a Loving God…and they showed him God’s love by caring for him and his dad.

So because I’d like to pretend that this is a nice polished blog, I’m going to try (hopefully not in vain) to tie these two ideas together in my head. I wish I were more like those students that effectively shared God. Why can’t I offer Jesus to my friends? or even acquaintances?

I think the answer is that I’m afraid of what it will cost me. I’m taking classes to become a pastor, and I’ve done some really crazy (or maybe even stupid) things because I believe Jesus called me to. I’ve done a lot for Him, and left a lot behind. But there’s always something more Jesus wants to call me to do…and I’m constantly finding myself reluctant.

I want Abraham’s Faith. I want his dedication. And I can’t get them myself.
God, make me fanatical enough to sacrifice ANYTHING on the altar.
Don’t let me hold back.


2 thoughts on “After some prompting…

  1. grilled cheesus. Thanks. ugh.Another highly motivating story about devoting everything and relying fully upon God is Elijah at Mount Carmel in 1 Kings. The sheer nerve of being able to stand up and taunt believers of another religion, knowing that God has to deliver something pretty amazing at your request is certainly daunting. I could not have done it.It is not that I don't think God is capable. Certainly that God that created *everything* could do it. But Jesus wouldn't perform miracles just for the sake of performing them. I just would be fearful that the foreigners would have hard enough hearts that God would not bother to try to convince them.Peter stepping out of the boat is another example. I know Jesus had the power to make the water solid enough to walk on; but I still have trouble believing that he would bother with doing it for *me*.I understand in my heart what Jesus did. I just can't wrap my head around it. I suppose I can only begin to feel what Moses must have felt like.

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