Letters to My Kids

The One with the Cookie Winner

A BIG thank you to everyone who checked out my blog–especially those first time visitors. 
I’m thrilled to have 98 followers after yesterday’s awesome blog hop. 
I met so many more wonderful friends!
And now, I’m looking forward to whipping up a tasty batch of cookies for one of YOU!
I used random.org to generate the winning ticket. 
The winner is…..
I bet she won’t believe it!
Tammy is one of the hosts of this weekly blog hop–she’s the one who informed me that I was co-hosting. 
How cool is that??
Tammy’s winning comment is kind of ironic, considering she won: 
“Okay, so I wasn’t first in line…dang! Time got away from me.
I am a GFC follower! :)”
Congrats, Tammy! Let me know which type of you cookie you’d like delivered to your front door!
I hope you enjoy them!

And if anyone else is interested in homemade delivered cookies, check THIS out.
The Adorkable Baker: For Hire.


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